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Collection of original documents, ca. 1600-1715


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1. An account of money received and disbursed for Greenwich Hospital by John Evelyn, June 1696 to August 1703.
2. Several considerations proposed to be observed for the regulation in the ships of the Navy Royal, & to their several commanders 11 January 1691/2.
3. The present state of the Justice in ye American Plantations & especially in Barbadoes, with expeditions for amending the same, tending to ye interest of their trade & navigation.
10. A discourse concerning the former & present state of the Navy by Sr.Robert Slingsby Comptroller thereof- 1661.
11. An indenture between ye King & Esqr. Slinsby confirming on him ye Mastersip of ye Mint- 1670 with a Table of Sallaries payable to ye officers.
12. How to employ the fleet against Spain.
13. Relating to ye Fishery.
14. A Consultation before ye Lords of ye Council 1617 relating to ye Suppressing ye Pyrates of Algiers, & an attempt on their Town.
15. Queries and doubts that may arise if ye King takes ye victualling of ye Navy in his own hands.
16. Mr Pepys letter to Sir William Coventry relating to ye victualling of ye Navy- 1666.
17. An apology for soldiers and military men.
18. Concerning ye abuses of seamen and how to remedy them.
19. The means how to obtain Intelligence from ye South part of Spain.
20. Disasters of some of King Henry VIII’s ships.
21. Proposals in order to withstand any invasion.
31. Titles and articles of enquiry in order to a natural history of ye sea.
32. An abstract of ye course and success of ye West India Packet, being ye West India correspondences 1705.
33. Nicholes’s proposals for ye encouragement of seamen
34. An estimate of ye charges victualling, wages, wear and tear of ye Navy for 2 years, 1690.
36. Proposals from ye English privateers for destroying ye Enemy’s effects.
37. Proposals for ye taking of Prizes.
38. Reasons of ye differences between ye Captain of Men of War & Privateers relating to prizes.
62. Bounty’s and money to wounded officers, 1690.
63. Instructions to ye commissioners for ye sick and wounded, 1689.
85. Commissioners of Trade and Plantations Scheme for Employing Poor, 1699.
86. Welle’s scheme of a voyage round the globe for the discovery of Terra Australis Incognita, 1715.
90. The Danish secretary’s letter relating to Danish mariners being to serve ye English Fleet, 1690.
Date made 1600-01-01 - 1715-12-31

Finding Reference REC/4
Catalogue section Manuscript volumes acquired singly by the Museum
Credit National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
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