Astronomical and navigational instruments, Popular Astronomy, 3. Astronomy demonstrated: instruments and models

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Astronomical and navigational instruments

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Collection Astronomical and navigational instruments, Popular Astronomy, 3. Astronomy demonstrated: instruments and models
User collections Longitude punk'd by hfinch-boyer
Gallery locationNot on display
Peoplemaker of terrestrial sphere: Bardin
Publication(s)Globes at Greenwich

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Object ID AST1059
Description A tellurium is a model that represents the motions of the Moon around the Earth and the Earth around the Sun. This example, by an unknown maker, has a base consisting of two wooden discs separated by twelve small pilasters. Hand-coloured lithographed paper is pasted on top to provide calendar and zodiacal scales. The Sun is a brass globe mounted at the end of a brass bracket, fixed to the side of the base. A geared brass bracket supports a terrestrial globe, which has paper gores pasted on, and an ivory Moon. An ivory-tipped handle at the side of the board moves the geared bracket through 180 degrees on either side of the bracket supporting the Sun. This system is also connected to a centrally-mounted pointer that allows the user to read the date from the scales. The terrestrial sphere incorporated in this tellurium shows the maker as the Bardin Family of London. It is the same as the terrestrial sphere as AST1062 and as that which was manufactured and sold by Bardin to John Russell for the Selenographia, GLB0140. The sphere bears a simple outline of the continents and the names of five oceans. The equator is graduated twice, for degrees and for hours, there is a degree scale around the great circle corresponding with the meridian or London or Greenwich and the ecliptic is marked with symbols of the zodiac constellations.
Date made circa 1800

Artist/Maker Bardin
Place made London, England
Credit National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London, Caird Collection
Materials hand-coloured lithography; ivory; paper; wood; brass
Measurements Overall: 220 x 300 x 273 x 226 mm
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