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A View of Snug Corner Cove, in Prince William's Sound


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Gallery locationNot on display
PeopleEngraver: Ellis, William
Artist: Webber, John

Object details:

Object ID PAI3917
Description This engraving is after a drawing by John Webber from John Hawkesworth's account (1773) of the voyages of Captain James Cook, Joseph Banks and Captain John Byron. Captain James Cook (1728-1779) made three separate voyages to the Pacific (with the ships Endeavour, Resolution, Adventure, and Discovery) and did more than any other voyager to explore the Pacific and Southern Ocean. Cook not only encountered Pacific cultures for the first time, but also assembled the first large-scale collections of Pacific objects to be brought back to Europe. He was killed in Hawaii in 1779. John Webber was the artist on Cook’s third voyage from 1776-1780. Cook's traveled to Prince William Sound (Sandwich Sound), Alaska, from May 12-20, 1778. Thick and foggy weather prevailed, and the countryside was found to be rather inhospitable. As written by Samwell: 'The country all round having a very desolate and dreary appearance being almost entirely covered with snow we did not expect to find it inhabited. However, as soon as the ships arrived, two large canoes with about twenty Indians in each of them, appeared and made signs of a peaceful reception. All of the landscapes from Prince William Sound reflect the miserable weather experience. Pen work and grey sepia wash became the appropriate media, reflecting the grey light of the north Pacific coast. In this work, Webber shows two ships with Indian canoes around them. Webber's drawing is built upon the dramatic contrast between the forbidding grandeur of the mountains and the minute ships. Loosely bound in album with PAI3893-PAI3916, PAI3918-PAI3936.; Plate No.45.
Date made 1778

Artist/Maker Ellis, William
Webber, John
Credit National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
Materials engraving & etching
Measurements Plate: 252 x 405 mm; Sheet: 390 x 535 mm
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