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A view of the perforated rock in Tolaga Bay in New Zealand (without title)


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Object ID PAI3976
Description Likely drawn by Sydney Parkinson between October of 1769 and March 1770. Sydney Parkinson (a Scottish landscape artist on Captain James Cook's first Endeavor voyage from 1768-1771) made field studies of plants and animal species that were then engraved to be included in John Hawkesworth's Voyages (an account of the journeys by Captain James Cook, Vice Admiral John Byron, and Joseph Banks published on behalf of the Admirality in 1773). This arched rock in Tolaga Bay, New Zealand is described in the journals as: “We saw also an extraordinary natural curiousity. In pursuing a valley bounded on each side by steep hills we on a sudden saw a most noble arch or Cavern through the face of a rock leading directly to the sea, so that through it we had not only a view of the bay and hills on the other side but an opportunity of imagining a ship or any other grand object opposite to it. It was certainly the most magnificent surprize I have ever met with so must is pure nature superior to art in these cases.” Joseph Banks, 24 October 1769. The first of two such etchings. Mounted in album with PAI3938-PAI3975, PAI3977-PAI4076.; Page 35.
Date made 1769

Artist/Maker Parkinson, Sydney
Credit National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
Materials engraving & etching
Measurements Sheet: 240 x 274 mm
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