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Companion to Reynolds' Series of Astronomical Geographical Diagrams

Astronomical and navigational instruments

Object details:

Object ID AST0051.13
Description Explanatory card to accompany the Reynolds' series of Astronomical and Geographical Diagrams. There is text on both sides of the card, surrounded with a decorative border, and (recto) gives accounts of the Sun, the Solar System, comets and the fixed stars as well as (rverso) definitions of terms used in astronomy and geography. The introduction states that "This series of diagrams, to which this brief account of the Solar System is design as a companion, having been honoured with extensive patronage, the Author has been induced to considerably improve some of the subjects, and to add others possessing equal interest. They are designed to illustrate in a popular style, the chief Astronomical phenomena, and to afford in a small compass, a large amount of useful, and interesting knowledge connected with the sciences of Astronomy and Geography". This text, and the additional publishers, suggests that this accompanied a later edition of the print series.
Date made 1846-1860

Artist/Maker Peacock & Mansfield
Reynolds, James
Reeves & Sons
Rocks & Co
Credit National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
Materials paper
Measurements 292 x 235 mm
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