Polar Equipment and Relics, Franklin relics

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Glass bottle

Polar Equipment and Relics

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Object ID AAA2224.15
Description Glass bottle ‘Submur. Hyd.’ Bottle broken and empty. Some kind of mercury compund. These were commonly used in the treatment of venereal and skin diseases up to the twentieth century. I.e. Cooper, A dictionary of practical surgery, 1822, p.925: “PILULAE HYDRARG. SUBMUR. R. Hydrarg. Submur. gr. xjj. Conservae Cynosbati quod satis sit. M. fiant.pil. xii. These are the calomel pills in common use. Surgeons give one, or two of them daily, as alteratives, in numerous CASES.. At Guy's Hospital they add three grains of the pulvis opiatus to each pill, using syrup, instead of the conserve.”
Date made

Artist/Maker Unknown
Credit National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
Materials metal; glass
Measurements overall: 106 mm x 30 mm
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