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Tractus de insulis archipelagi and coloured maps.

Charts and maps

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Collection Charts and maps, Manuscript atlases
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Object ID P/20
Description Tractus de insulis archipelagi and coloured maps. Bound in vellum. (P/13 and P/20 appear to be the same except folio 54 in P/20 and folio 28 in P/13). Cristoforo Buondelmonte was from a distinguished Florentine family, who travelled extensively in the Greek archipelago during his life. The volume is dedication to Cardinal Giardano Orsini, evident from a rubricated acrostic from the beginning of each chapter. This book was particularly important because, though it was never printed, it became the prototype for several later isolarii, or island books, including those of Bartolommeo Sonnetti (P/21), Tommaso Porcacchi (see library catalogue: PBE9533 and PBC4612), and Antonio Millo (P/17). There is another copy of Buondelmonte's work at P/13.
Date made 1422

Artist/Maker Buondelmonte, Cristoforo
Credit National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
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