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Royal Naval Warships of the late 1880's and early 1890's


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Object ID ALB0009
Description 1. Watercolour depicting an enclosed village 2. Royal Naval College, Portsmouth. Neg. 58/3001 3. HMS ‘Britannia’ (1860) port quarter, with only the foremast, and another ship beyond her 4. HMS ‘Victory’ at Portsmouth (1765) starboard, aft of beam, at anchor 5. HMS ‘Royal Oak’ (1862) starboard ahead of beam, at anchor 6. HMS ‘Defence’ (1861) moored, port beam 7. HMS ‘Juno’ (1867) starboard ahead of beam, at anchor, sails partly furled 8. HMS ‘Bellerophon’ (1865) starboard ahead of beam 9. HMS ‘Hercules’ (1868) port bow, Portsmouth 10. HMS ‘Ocean’ (1863) port beam, at anchor 11. HMS ‘Tamar’ (1863) starboard ahead of beam, alongside quay 12. HMS ‘Midge’ (1868) port beam, moored at a buoy 13. RNC Greenwich, King Charles block with domes in the background 14. HMS ‘Cambridge’ (1858) port beam, with deck awning 15. HMS ‘London’ (1840) moored, starboard aft of beam, sails furled 16. Officers of HMS ‘London’ (1840) 17. Figurehead of HMS ‘London’ 18. HMS ‘Bristol’ (1861) port beam Neg. A3295 19. HMS ‘Bristol’ (1861) starboard beam 20. Officers of HMS ‘Bristol’ 21. HMS ‘Penelope’ (1867) moored, starboard beam 22. HMS ‘Northumberland’ (1866) port beam 23. HMS ‘Immortalite’ (1859) port beam 24. HMS ‘Immortalite’ (1859) port beam 25. Flying Squadron including HMS ‘Immortalite’ 26. HMS ‘Excellent’ (1810) as a hulk 27. HMS ‘Duke of Wellington’ (1852) starboard ahead of beam, in a dock, fully rigged. 28. HMS ‘Goshawk’ (1872) port beam 29. HMS ‘Vulture’ (1869) at anchor, starboard beam, with a two-masted, twin funneled vessel nearby. 30. HMS ‘Seagull’ (1868) at anchor, starboard ahead of beam. 31 & 32 foreign parts 33. Officers of HMS Vulture 34. HMS ‘Vulture’ (1869) at anchor, starboard beam 35. HMS ‘Tourmaline’ (1875) moored, port ahead of beam 36. HMS ‘Tourmaline’ (1875) moored, port beam 37. HMS ‘Sapphire’ (1874) alongside, port quarter (vessel name visible) 38. HMS ‘Active’ (1869) alongside, port bow 39. Officers of HMS ‘Active’. 40. HMS ‘Active’ (1869) starboard beam 41. Crew of HMS ‘Active’ 42. HMS ‘Shah’ (1873) alongside, port bow, rather distant view. 43. HMS ‘Inconstant’ (1868) port bow 44. HMS ‘Alexandra’ (1875) at anchor, port ahead of beam 45. HMS ‘Helicon’ (1865) moored, starboard aft of beam, hulks in background. 46. HMS ‘Victoria & Albert’ (Royal Yacht) (1855) moored, starboard beam 47. HMS ‘Hercules’ (1868) port aft of beam, under way (steaming). 48. HMS ‘Nelson’ (1876) port quarter, alongside, close up. 49. HMS ‘Warspite’ (1884) port ahead of beam 50. HMS ‘Warspite’ (1884) port bow 51. HMS ‘Karrakatta’ (1869) port quarter, steaming at speed 52. HMS ‘Boomerang’ (1889) ex ‘Whiting’ port ahead of beam, steaming at speed. 53. HMS ‘Persian’ renamed ‘Wallaroo’ (1890) in dry dock, port quarter. 54. HMS ‘Karrakatta’ (1869) port ahead of beam, at anchor. 55. HMS ‘Katoomba’ (1889) starboard ahead of beam 56. HMS ‘Mildura’ (1889) moored, port ahead of beam 57. HMS ‘Wallaroo’ (1890) port ahead of beam 58. HMS ‘Ringarooma’ (1889) starboard bow, moored 59. HMS ‘Tauranga’ (1889) at anchor, starboard beam 60. HMS ‘Blake’ (1889) moored, starboard bow 61. HMS ‘Blake’ (1889) at sea, similar view to no. 60. 62. HMS ‘Blake’ entering Halifax dock, 13th June 1892, near dead ahead 63. HMS ‘Blake’ gun room, with pot of flowers. 64. HMS ‘Blake’ upper deck 65. HMS ‘Blake’ Ward room 66. HMS ‘Blake’ quarter deck with gun 67. HMS ‘Blake’ starboard beam 68. HMS ‘Grafton’ (1892) port aft of beam 69. HMS ‘Grafton’ starboard beam 70. HMS ‘Ramillies’ (1892) at sea, starboard bow. Loose photo of the stern of an unknown 3-decker .
Date made 1880's -1890's

Credit National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
Measurements Overall: 292 mm x 380 mm
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