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Lady Nelson (1799); Passenger vessel; Brig

Ship models

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Collection Ship models, Exploration and research vessels
Gallery locationNot on display
VesselsLady Nelson 1799
Publication(s)Ship models : their purpose and development from 1650 to the present : illustrated from the ship model collection of the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich

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Object details:

Object ID SLR0601
Description Contemporary full hull model of the ‘Lady Nelson’ (1799), built at a scale of 1:32. The model, which is decked, has been constructed in the solid from planks of wood assembled in the 'bread and butter' fashion. The frames have been drawn onto paper, which has then been glued to the hull and painted with a layer of varnish. This in some ways uses the 'navy board' style to highlight the overall shape of the very shallow hull, which enabled the 'Lady Nelson' to carry out survey work around the shallows of the coastlines. To help overcome leeway and sail efficiently with a shallow draught, sliding keels designed by Captain John Schank (1740-1823) were fitted. The casing for this can be seen on the deck of the model between the main hatch and deckhouse. The 'Lady Nelson' was originally rigged as a cutter but this was changed to that of a brig when it was fitted for the long voyage to Australia for survey work in 1800. The vessel was later destroyed by the inhabitants of Babber Island, Timor in 1825. Although the 'Lady Nelson' is recorded as being fitted with three sliding keels or centreboards the model is only fitted with one.
Date made circa 1799

Artist/Maker Unknown
Credit National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
Materials brass; paint; varnish; fruitwood
Measurements Overall model: 140 x 610 x 190 mm; Base: 95 x 678 x 205 mm
  • Lady Nelson (1799); Passenger vessel; Brig (SLR0601)
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