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How to use the Archive catalogue

You can use the Archive catalogue to find items in our manuscripts collection and then request to view them in the Museum's Library. (NB requesting to view requires registration with our library ordering system.)

Search fieldsSearch
Enter search term(s) into the main search field (top left), then click Search.

  • A single term (e.g. 'Trafalgar') will return all records containing that word anywhere in the associated data. Adding further terms (e.g. 'Trafalgar Nelson') will return only records matching all terms. (NB you can use 'search within results' to refine your search similarly)
  • The search only recognises whole words. To search on part words, use the wildcard character: * (e.g. nel* will return 'nelson')
  • If you know the document's author, you can enter their name into main search field and tick the 'Artist/Maker' checkbox, then click Search. (NB this search is case-sensitive and requires full name, or wildcard: *)

You can also refine your search in various ways:

  • Finding reference: if you know the Museum's reference number for the item (e.g. LMQ/7/1/22) you can add this to the Finding reference field (NB you need the full number, or you can use the wildcard *)
  • Section: the easiest way to use this is to click the Collections tab (under 'Browse by' below Search), and then click one of the Archive collections listed below (e.g. 'Personal collections'). This will auto-populate the 'Section' field with the relevant information to help refine your search.
  • Date from/to: you can search by range (e.g. from 1800 to 1820), or just search from a particular start date (leave 'to' field blank) or up to a particular end date (leave 'from' field blank).

Filtering results

  • Having obtained a set of results, you can filter further using the 'Filter by' tabs (left of page under Search): Type/Maker/Century, Events/Places, and Tags. Within each of these will be a list of the available options associated with your set of results.
  • You can add several filter options to one set of results. However, clicking any option will reduce the number of other filter options available (e.g. choosing a particular Type or Maker will limit the number of associated Events and Places).
  • You can deselect any filter using the 'deselect' link (top right above the search results list)

Ordering/viewing results
By default, search results are ordered by Name. You can also order results by their reference prefix by clicking the 'Finding ref' link (top right of the results table).

You can change the results view:

 Image and text view – shows Name (title and any image), Artist/Maker, Date made and Finding ref
 Image view – only shows Name (title and any image)
 Text only (default view) – same as Image and text but without images.

NB most archive records do not have an image.

Saving a search

You can save any search by clicking the 'save this search' link (top right above search results). NB you need to be registered and logged in to do this.

Viewing a record

Once you've found a record you're interested in viewing further, click the name/title (in the Name column in the search results table). This takes you to a page with full available information for that record, including its place in the hierarchy of all related records.

On the right-hand side of the page you can carry out various actions, including requesting to view the item in the Museum's Library:

  • Add this to a collection - adds the item to your own user-generated collection. You need to be registered and logged in to do this
  • View this item in the library (NB not available for all items). Clicking this takes you to the Museum's library ordering system (Aeon), which you need to log into or register to use (separate from the Archive catalogue login/registration).
  • View or add tags
  • Share or embed this object - share via social media, or embed in your website.