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Created: 13.03.12

Moustaches big and small

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  • Fraser, John
    Portrait sketch of man with moustache

    Bound with PAG4465-PAG4485, PAG4487-PAG4489.

  • Unknown
    Painted wooden mask

    Painted wooden mask with pointed teeth and attached fibre moustache (possibly goat hair). It was used in sacred performances and portrays a demon king.

  • Wyllie, William Lionel
    CC V1, P8, 65
    Profile study of a man with a moustache in a pink head-dress and white tunic

    Medium includes bodycolour.

  • Unknown
    Figure group

    A Staffordshire flat back figure group, inscribed in gold lettering on the base 'Death of Nelson'. The admiral, eyes closed, clad in mottled pink breeches, his hat on the deck, is supported by two naval officers in blue uniform coats,…

  • Pieroni, A.
    Medal commemorating Captain Faa di Bruno and the sinking of the Re d'Italia

    Medal commemorating Captain Emilio Faa di Bruno and the sinking of the Re d'Italia, 1866. Obverse: Head of Captain Faa di Bruno (left), whiskers and moustache. Legend: 'EMILIO FAA DI BRUNO.' Reverse: Within a band, port broadside view of the…

  • Cooper, circle of Samuel
    early 1660s
    Sir Henry Terne, d.1666

    Oval miniature in watercolour and bodycolour on ivory, in an oval gilt metal display frame with a suspension ring and a metal scroll label below, engraved 'MR. H. TERNE' in black letter. The sitter is shown bust length, turned to…

  • Studio of Daniel Mytens the Elder
    circa 1631
    Charles I, 1600-49 King of Great Britain and Ireland

    A full-length portrait of Charles I standing to left, with his face turned to meet the gaze of the viewer. His dark brown hair is worn shoulder-length and he wears a moustache and pointed beard. He is dressed in a…

  • Lely, Peter
    Flagmen of Lowestoft: Vice-Admiral Sir Thomas Teddeman, c. 1620-68

    A three-quarter-length portrait slightly to right in a black velvet coat with a black silk shoulder knot on his right shoulder and sleeves opening from shoulder to cuff. His sword hangs from a heavily embroidered gold baldric that he holds…

  • Everett, (Herbert Barnard) John
    item; record photograph
    On the 'Suzanne'

    A view from aft on the deck of the 'Suzanne'. In the foreground a figure with a white beard and moustache walks along the deck in strong sunlight, facing towards the viewer. He wears a white apron, broad-brimmed hat and…

  • Hilliard, Nicholas
    A Elizabethan man, called Sir Francis Drake, 1540-96

    Circular miniature by Hilliard of a man with a red beard and moustache, darker hair and grey-blue eyes, and traditionally identified as Sir Francis Drake (1540-96). It was formerly in the collection of the Duke of Buccleuch and is on…

  • Lely, Peter
    Flagmen of Lowestoft: Vice-Admiral Sir Joseph Jordan, 1603/04-85

    A three-quarter-length portrait slightly to left in a black coat with cuff turned back at the elbow to show wide lawn sleeves, tied with black ribbon. His left hand is on his sword, which hangs on a gold embroidered baldric…

  • Hilliard/Oliver School
    early 17th century
    A young man, called Robert Devereux, 1565-1601, 2nd Earl of Essex

    Oval miniature in watercolour in an oval gilt metal suspension frame with a scroll label beneath bearing an engraved black-lettered inscription 'ROBERT. DEVEREUX. / LAST. EARL. OF ESSEX.' There is also an inscription on the reverse 'Robt Devarex Earl of…

  • unidentified
    circa 1925-30
    Reverend Hugh [Herbert Edward] Nelson-Ward, 1863-1952

    Rectangular miniature in watercolour on ivory in a rectangular gilt metal frame with a suspension loop, top centre. The initials 'NW' painted on the back indicate it is part of the Nelson-Ward collection which the sitter presented to the Museum,…

  • Lockey, Rowland
    Charles Howard, 1536 - 1624, 2nd Baron Howard of Effingham and 1st Earl of Nottingham

    Oval miniature in watercolour on vellum, in an oval black carved wood display frame (possibly ebony) with a gilt slip, suspension hole and flower motifs. The image bears the integral inscription 'An[n]o. D[o]m[i]ni. 1605.' Formerly attributed to Hilliard, this image…

  • Gleichen, Victor
    Edward Brailsford Bright, 1831-91

    Head-and-torso marble bust, sitting on its own flat base. The sitter faces forward, his head slightly turned to his right. His hair is worn just over his ears, strongly parted on his right and he has a large walrus moustache…

  • Cooper, Samuel
    circa 1660-65
    Charles II, 1630 - 85

    Oval miniature in watercolour, in an oval gilt metal presentation frame, backed with velvet, with a suspension ring and scroll below inscribed in black letter 'CHARLES 2nd'. The sitter is shown head and shoulders filling the frame apart from a…

  • Anonymous
    circa 1675-76?
    William van de Velde the Younger, 1633 - 1707

    (Updated June 2017) Oval miniature in oil, probably on copper, in an oval gilt (unglazed) display frame with a suspension ring attached by a coiled wire mounting, and an attached scrolled metal display label below engraved 'WILLIAM VANDEVELDE.' The lettering…

  • Dorman, J.
    circa 1830
    Jamsetjee Bomanjee Wadia, c. 1754-1821

    A full-length portrait seated to left in a white robe and embroidered pashmina shawl. He wears a full moustache curled at the ends and a turban. In his left hand he holds a pair of dividers. His right arm rests…

  • Hoskins, John
    circa 1635
    Sir Kenelm Digby, 1603 - 65

    Oval miniature in watercolour on vellum in an oval gilt metal display frame, with a coiled upper mount for the suspension ring and a scroll label below engraved 'SIR KENELIN DIGBY'. Digby is shown head and part shoulders, half turned…

  • Hilliard, Nicholas
    circa 1590
    George Clifford, 3rd Earl of Cumberland,1558-1605

    A full-length miniature of George Clifford, 3rd Earl of Cumberland, in watercolour on thin vellum laid on a fruitwood panel. He stands under an oak tree that grows from a rock to the right, turned slightly to viewer's left, with…

  • Marine Photo Service
    Three Lascars of the 'Viceroy of India' (1929), standing behind the wheel of one of the ship's tenders.

    Three Lascars of the 'Viceroy of India' (1929), standing behind the wheel of one of the ship's tenders. The three are wearing an embroidered, knee length, cotton tunic called a lalchi, and white pantaloons and a topi. The lefthand seaman…

  • Pingret, after J.A.
    Medal commemorating Admiral de Tourville (1642-1701) and the cruiser 'Tourville'

    Medal commemorating Admiral Anne Hilarion de Contentin, Comte de Tourville (1642-1701) and the cruiser 'Tourville'. Obverse: Bust of Admiral de Tourville with long hair in cap and feather and doublet (left). Legend: 'A. H. DE COSTENTIN DE TOURVILLE.' Reverse: Starboard…