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  • Unknown
    Greenwich Hospital

    Technique includes etching. A view of Greenwich Hospital, in the foreground a ship is firing a cannon in salute. The Royal Naval Hospital for disabled seamen was an idea of Queen Mary in 1694.

  • Rock & Co

    Vignette. An unusual view of Greenwich in the 1830s or 1840s, concentrating on the area that was to become Greenwich Pier, rather than on the Royal Seamen's Hospital. A paddle steamer is pulling in; before long, Greenwich would become an…

  • Kinhall, E.
    circa 1750
    'A View of the Observatory in Greenwich Park...' [and] 'A View of Greenwich, Deptford and London, taken from Flamsteads Hill in Greenwich Park'

    A line engraving of the Royal Observatory at Greenwich. It is from an odd perspective, the lower part of the hill is flat, with a sharp cliff up to the Royal Observatory. The road through the Queen's House, the windmills…

  • Cooke, Edward William
    London from Greenwich Hill

    Greenwich Park including Greenwich Hill was established in 1433 under Henry V. Since the Royal park was opened to the public in the 18th century, it has been very popular with Londoners and visitors alike to enjoy the views of…

  • Prior, T A
    London from Greenwich Park

    A view of the city of London, with the Royal Hospital (bottom of the hill) and the Royal Observatory (left-hand side). A one legged Greenwich pensioner stands by a telescope watching the river. Couples are out strolling, children are playing…

  • Ranwell, after William
    circa 1840
    'The Greenwich Company's Steam Packets, The Greenwich, Royal Tar, Gipsy, Water Lily and Fly, with the New Pier, Hospital, Churches &c, &c'

    Greenwich gained its first pier in 1836 and George Basevi's St Mary's Church, which can be seen behind it in the centre was built in 1823-25 (demolished 1936, only the St Mary's gate of the Park preserves its name, with…

  • Unknown
    A North View of Greenwich Hospital from the Isle of Dogs

    Technique includes etching. A north view of Greenwich Hospital from the Isle of Dogs including two ships and various boats in the foreground, along with a landing platform on the River. The Queen's House can be seen through the hospital…

  • British School, 19th century
    circa 1835
    Shipping on the Thames by Greenwich Hospital

    A painting on slate depicting a view of Greenwich Hospital from the river. The Thames is busy with a wide variety of vessels. To the right of centre a ceremonial barge makes its way across the river to Greenwich, with…

  • Unknown
    View of Greenwich from Deptford. Engraved for Harrison's History of London.

    Technique includes etching. Stored with PAD2193, another copy. See PAI1968, an uncoloured copy, for notes. This print was engraved for Harrison's 'History of London' and is a view of Deptford from Greenwich. Greenwich Hospital is included, two ships and four…

  • Unknown
    Vue Perspective de L'Hospital de Greenwich prise de la Thamise

    Left by an old lady ca.1950.; Hand-coloured. A view of the Greenwich Hospital illustrating its close proximity to the River Thames. This area is today a World Heritage Site, comprising an outstanding combination of architectural and landscape features. Greenwich Hospital…

  • Westall, William
    London from Greenwich Park

    Print A standard view of London seen from Greenwich Park, by the artist William Westall (1781-1850).

  • Heath, Charles Theodosius
    London from Greenwich Hill

    [?Duplicate] A standard view of London seen from Greenwich Hill, with Greenwich and the Royal Hospital buildings dominating the picture. Greenwich Park including Greenwich Hill was established in 1433 under Henry V. Since the Royal park was opened to the…

  • Dugdales
    Greenwich, Kent. (Royal Hospital)

    See notes for PAD2222, another copy.

  • Ouless, Philip John
    Greenwich Hospital from the North

    An architecturally inept view by Ouless, a Channel Islands marine painter, in which the figures are also out of proportion to the very inaccurately rendered buildings of the Hospital - possibly derived from one or more much older prints, since…

  • Marshall, Elaine
    Longitude Zero 1884-1984. The Greenwich Meridian Centenary

    Etching with aquatint by Elaine Marshall, inscribed by the artist 'Longitude Zero 1884-1984. The Greenwich Meridian Centenary'. It is printed in colours (black/yellow/blue) and is numbered 29 of 150. It has a rounded top. The artist is a Greenwich resident…

  • British School, 19th century
    circa 1830-40
    Greenwich Hospital

    An early 19th-century view of the buildings of Greenwich Hospital from the Thames, from the Isle of Dogs. The Royal Observatory is visible in the distance between the two domes. The crowded river scene includes a variety of river craft…

  • Brangwyn, Frank William
    early 20th century
    Greenwich Hospital on a Bank Holiday

    Framed chalk drawing entitled 'Greenwich Hospital on a Bank Holiday'. It shows a view of Greenwich Pier and the Royal Naval College from the deck of a passenger paddle steamer apparently just leaving. The deck of the steamer and the…

  • Unknown
    View of Greenwich from Deptford. Engraved for Harrison's History of London

    Technique includes etching. Stored with PAD2194, another copy. See PAI1968, an uncoloured copy, for notes. This print was engraved for 'Harrison's History of London' and is a view of Deptford. Greenwich Hospital is included, two ships and four small boats…

  • Malcolm, James Peller
    10 April 1798
    Bastile-House Greenwich

    A view eastward from Greenwich Park of what is now Vanbrugh Castle, built in 1712 on Maze Hill by Sir John Vanbrugh (1664-1726) as his own house when Surveyor of Greenwich Hospital. It was originally one of a surrounding group…

  • H, J D
    Oct 1835
    Greenwich Oct 1835

    See PAH3274, another copy. A man sits on a tree stump chatting to a girl who is carrying a basket on her back. The Royal Hopsital can be seen far in the distance. This shows how secluded Greenwich was from…

  • Unknown
    Engraved for the Modern Universal Traveller. View of Greenwich from Deptford

    This may be a variant on PAD2193, 2194 and 4103 and PAI1968, since it has a different imprint. A view of Greenwich from Deptford with four sailing vessels and two rowing boats. The Seaman's Hospital, Royal Observatory, the town of…

  • Wyllie, William Lionel
    probably 1924
    CC V1, P8, 65
    Greenwich (town)

    A pencil study, probably from the Observatory, looking over the town centre roofs toward the river. The dome of the Greenwich Foot Tunnel entrance (1902) can be seen to the left of the bulk of the old Ship Hotel, centre.…

  • Owen, Samuel
    18th century
    Greenwich [Greenwich Hospital]

    Print. 2212 and 2213 are other copies referring to this from which notes have become detached; to redo PvdM] A view of the Royal Hospital for Seamen seen from the Thames, with ships and boats of various sizes on the…

  • Danckerts, after Hendrick
    The Palaces of Henrietta Maria and Charles II, at Greenwich, From an original Painting temp. James II. in the possession of Henry S Richardson, Greenwich

    A rural scene showing the Palaces of Henrietta Maria (i.e. The Queen's House) and Charles II (the unfinished eastern range of what is now the King Charles Court of the Old Royal Naval College). Greenwich had been popular with kings…

  • Moore, George Belton
    The Royal Naval Hospital at Greenwich

    Print. This shows both Greenwich Pier, far right, and the Trafalgar Tavern to the left of the Hospital suggesting a date around 1840 but before the old drying yard wall and ablution block to the west of the King Charles…

  • Everett, (Herbert Barnard) John
    20th century
    Sketch of various sailing vessels on the Thames at Greenwich

    This sheet has drawings on both sides. (1) A pencil sketch over a gradated ground of yellow, red and blue crayon, showing a distant view of Greenwich from the downstream East Greenwich foreshore. Barges or lighters, one with a hoist,…

  • Tillemans, Pieter
    10 August 1744
    80 C18 R41
    The View from One-Tree Hill in Greenwich Park

    A panorama of Greenwich and distant London engraved in 1744 from a painting by Tillemans, then in the collection of the Earl of Radnor and still in private hands, though there is a version in the Bank of England collection.…

  • Whittock, Nathaniel
    about 1830
    Greenwich Hospital from the Thames

    Hand-coloured.; Plate No.LXXVII. A view of Greenwich Hospital from the River Thames. Greenwich Hospital, originally built as a palace by Charles II., was founded in 1694 by King William and Queen Mary, to care for disabled English seamen and their…

  • Unknown
    18th century
    Greenwich Hospital

    This print is a standard copper-engraved view of the Royal Hospital for Seamen, Greenwich, as seen from the Thames, and probably copied from others similar. William III founded Greenwich Hospital in memory of his co-monarch and wife Queen Mary II,…

  • Newnan, J.
    19th century

    Vignette.; Technique includes etching. A typical view of the Royal Hospital, Greenwich, and the Thames as seen from Greenwich Hill. Greenwich's maritime history stems from its location on the Thames: there was a substantial fishing community until the late-19th century…

  • Tillemans, Pieter
    late 18th century
    View of London, &c. from One Tree Hill in Greenwich Park

    People are enjoying the views of London from One Tree Hill in Greenwich Park. St. Paul's Cathedral, Greenwich Hospital, the windmills on the Isle of Dogs can be seen. Compare PAD2217 which, like this, is based on Tillemans 1752 print,…

  • Havell, Frederick James
    probably 1833
    A royal visit to Greenwich Hospital

    For notes on this see PAI8818 (uncoloured); PAH5803 ( a poor impression) PAF7650 and PAI8819 are other copies. PvdM 4/04 The Royal Hospital with a steamer, sailing ship, passenger barges and rowing boats on the river Thames.