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  • Unknown
    circa 1770

    The octant has an ebony frame and limb with a brass index arm, fittings, and a stop for the index arm. It also has an inlaid ivory plate on the crossbar and inlaid decorative ivory strips along all edges of…

  • Unknown
    circa 1720
    Lion figurehead

    Full-length, polychrome-painted figurehead depicting a heraldic crowned lion, holding a small badge of the cross of Saint George at the breast, where it fitted over the stem-head. This is a rare survival of a standard Royal Naval lion figurehead from…

  • Bryants Trunk and Bucket Warehouse
    circa 1805
    travelling trunk

    Travelling trunk said to belong to Midshipman J. Bailey who served in 'Britannia' at Trafalgar. Probably Joseph Baily, volunteer 1st class, aged 13, born in Frome, Somerset. The trunk has curved sides and a hinged lid. The surface was originally…

  • Unknown
    circa 1750
    Polygonal telescope

    This non-achromatic telescope has an octagonal mahogany barrel and a single brass draw tube. The other brass fittings include sliding eyepiece and objective lens covers. The telescope once belonged to Rear-Admiral Charles Steevens (1705-61), and is of a type commonly…

  • Firmin & Sons Limited
    18th-19th century
    Royal Naval uniform: pattern 1795-1812

    This uniform, which belonged to Admiral Sir William Cornwallis (1744-1819) illustrates the principal changes to uniform regulations for the year 1795. These include the change in colour of the lapels and cuffs from white to blue and the inclusion of…

  • Spencer Browning & Rust
    circa 1800-1810
    Day or night telescope

    This achromatic telescope has a wooden barrel and two brass draw tubes. The other brass fittings include a sliding eyepiece cover, an objective lens cap with a sliding cover and a sliding sun shade. An inscription on the smallest draw…

  • Abraham, A.
    circa 1830

    Telescope-18.9" (48.1cm) long, O.G. dia. 1.25" (3.2cm). Inverting (complete with cross wires). Is focussed at O.G. end. A spirit level in brass casing 6.6" (16.8cm) long is attached to underside of telescope. Stand-The telescope is mounted on a brass stand…

  • Malby & Co
    Grand Orrery

    Grand orreries were educational tools and status symbols, affordable only to the most wealthy. This one stands on a polygonal black wooden base with four trestle legs and brass feet, surmounted by a shallow glass dome. Panels around the side…

  • Unknown
    Whaling harpoon

    Whaling gun harpoon, double-barbed with 'stop-withers', inscribed: 'E M KELLIE 1884.' It belonged to the vessel 'The Earl of Mar and Kellie', an Arctic whaler built in 1856 at Alloa that formed part of the Dundee whale fleet (she was…

  • Unknown
    before 1845
    Snow goggles

    A relic of Sir John Franklin's last expedition 1845-48. Spectacles with tinted lenses in a case found in an abandoned boat at Erebus Bay, King William Island, in May 1859 by the McClintock Search Expedition 1857-59. The cylindrical case is…

  • Brookes, William Tolley
    circa 1835

    A whalebone fid, a tool used in rigging and sailmaking. The bone would be taken from the lower jaw of a sperm whale. Two lines have been engraved round the upper end. This is an example of the more functional…

  • Nock, H.
    circa 1780
    Seven barrelled volley gun

    Seven barrelled volley gun. The (possibly walnut) stock extends only as far forward as the front of the trigger guard and is shaped both sides for lockplate and sideplate. Brass buttplate with scalloped edge on top. Brass sideplate and plain…

  • Siemens Brothers and Co Ltd, London
    Signalling lamp

    Signalling lamp 'B' pattern, in a fitted wooden carrying box. A black tin lamp with a large bullseye lens, collapsable handle, various sliding panels, shutter knob on top of lamp. In a fitted box with 3 spare glasses, wick holder…

  • Unknown
    circa 1801
    Medicine chest

    Medicine chest belonging to Sir Benjamin F Outram KCB (1774-1856) and reputedly used at the battle of Copenhagen 1801.

  • Wilkes, Henry
    before 1703
    Ship's furnace

    Ship's furnace used for cooking. Recovered from the wreck site of 'Stirling Castle' 1679 - British naval vessel wrecked on 27 November 1703 on the Goodwin Sands during the 'Great Storm'.

  • Unknown
    Ivory chess set

    A set of ivory chess pieces with one pawn missing. One side white, the other stained red. It belonged to the family of James Cook, possibly to his wife Elizabeth who died in 1835.

  • Unknown
    CC V1, P5, 34
    signal, code

    Signal code. Metal box with hinged lid, painted to simulate timber. Contains complete set of ball code signals used for signalling from ship to ship. Different coloured silks are hand-stitched and stretched onto oval metal frames. Each ball code consists…

  • Campbell, J. F.
    circa 1876
    Sunshine recorder

    Bowl of Campbell sunshine recorder, brass. No lens (the lens/ glass ball shown in the image is probably from a different instrument, AST0767). No card. Inscribed around the bowl it reads: "HORAS NON NUMERO NISI SERENAS" Typed on accompanying piece…

  • Collard & Collard
    circa 1857

    Brass bugle used by the naval brigades serving in the Crimea and the Indian Mutiny under the command of Sir William Peel (1824-1858).

  • Jones, George
    circa 1859-1872

    Concertina of thirty keys played by seaman William Figg RN, born 1844. Fitted in a wooden box made by the ship's carpenter.

  • Hicks, G. H.
    circa 1819-1827
    Violin with case

    Violin in a case belonging to Sir William Edward Parry (1790-1855) and taken by him on his voyages of exploration to the Arctic.

  • Windsor, A.O.
    before 1913
    Bango belonging to Dr Leonard Hussey

    Wood, skin and metal zither banjo, inlaid with mother of pearl which belonged to Dr L.D.A. Hussey, the meteorologist on 'Endurance'. The banjo was rescued from the ship before she sank, crushed by the ice of the Weddell Sea. Hussey…

  • Unknown
    before 1816

    Drum said to have used to beat to quarters in 'St Fiorenzo' during the Nore Mutiny, May 1797. The mutineers had ordered St Fiorenzo, anchored off Sheerness, to join the rest of the ships under their control off the Nore.…

  • Unknown
    HMS Lion bass drum

    A bass drum that has been painted with the emblem of the battlecruiser HMS 'Lion'. It is also painted with battle honours for Heligoland, Dogger Bank and Jutland. The drum also has leather ropes that zig-zag around the circumference of…

  • Kirk, Thomas
    Admiral Sir William Sidney Smith (1764-1840)

    Over life-size marble statue, the sitter bare-headed, facing forwards but looking and imperiously pointing slightly down to his right with extended right arm. His left arm stretches back behind to support him on one of several pieces of ruined masonry…

  • Unknown
    Bell from the yacht Fox (1855)

    The brass ship's bell from the yacht 'Fox' (1855), later converted in 1857 for Arctic service looking for evidence of the fate of Sir John Franklin's 1845 North West Passage Expedition under the command of Captain Francis Leopold McClintock (1819-1907).…

  • Short, James
    Portable reflector telescope

    This is a portable Gregorian (reflector) telescope. It is signed JAMES SHORT EDINBURGH 1734.3.27 referring to the date it was made. Telescope: The barrel is made of brass and painted black. It is a Gregorian of 76.2mm (3 inch) aperture…

  • Unknown
    late 18th-early 19th century
    Travelling chest

    Naval officer's travelling, writing and toilet chest. Oak with mahagany veneer. Top raises to reveal folding mirror, lidded boxes, compartments fitted for writing and toilet equipment. Contains two glass bottles, a round wooden box and razors. There is a pull-out…

  • Elkington & Co. Ltd
    Silver Cup presented to Captain Richard Shaw, 1898

    Silver cup and cover presented to Captain Richard Shaw, 1898. The cup has acanthus leaf decoration on the base of the bowl and on the lid and loop handles, and a border of scrolling foliage around the top of the…

  • Unknown
    circa 1887
    Presentation boatswain's call

    Gilt metal presentation boatswain's call of Edward Futcher, Chief Boatswain's Mate of HMS 'Superb'. The barrel-shaped buoy has a crown and anchor device on each side, and the keel is decorated with scrolling foliage and has a ring for attachment…