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Created: 25.04.14

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  • Unknown
    early 18th century
    Celestial Islamic globe

    Islamic globe. Astronomical details on the sphere include stars and constellations. A total of 83 stars are labelled, and the 48 Ptolemaic constellations are all drawn and labelled. For full details about the cartography and construction of this globe please…

  • Unknown
    Chinese flag, Lieutenant of the Vanguard Brigade

    Imperial Chinese flag acquired by Robert John Le Mesurier McClure (1807-73) during the capture of Canton in December 1857. The City of Canton was attacked by a combined British and French force. McClure led one of three divisions of the…

  • Unknown
    Bronze muzzleloading smoothbore carronade

    Bronze muzzleloading smoothbore carronade. Calibre: 2.5in. Engraved with Chinese characters.

  • Unknown
    18th century
    Qibla indicator

    Qibla indicator, comprising a round brass box with a hinged lid and an inset magnetic compass. An invocation of Imam Ja'far (al-) Sadiq, the sixth Shiite Imam (died AD 765) is given in the centre of the inside of the…

  • Unknown
    unknown, probably late 19th century
    Pair of decorative soapstone pagodas

    Pair of decorative soapstone pagodas carved in sections and assembled on metal rods. Theys were brought back from China by J. F. Green on one of his voyages. J. F. Green lived 1846-1923, which suggests the pagodas were brought back…

  • Unknown

    Scabbard for a Japanese tachi (Military fighting sword), which belonged to Vice-Admiral Ruitaro Fujita (active 1945). The black wooden scabbard is covered with ray-skin and has two gilt copper lockets and chape.

  • Unknown
    early 19th century (probably)
    Bronze muzzleloading smoothbore lantaka

    Bronze muzzleloading smoothbore lantaka. Calibre: 1in.

  • Unknown
    probably 19th century
    Burmese dha

    Burmese dha, which belonged to Captain James Samuel Watts (died 1908). The hilt of the dha consists of a two-handed, slightly curved grip, made of bamboo or a similar wood. The grip is circular in section and made in one…

  • Unknown
    Late 19th century
    'Scare Devil'

    A 'Scare Devil', a carved wooden figure, the face painted red, with an open mouth, protruding tongue and pointed hat. It has earrings made of tassels of cloth, long arms, a pot belly and bent legs. This type of figure…

  • Unknown
    Coconut bowl

    Coconut bowl belonging to Lieutenant William Bligh (1754-1817) of the 'Bounty'. A smoothed and hollowed coconut shell, signed and dated 'W Bligh/April 1789' (initials and date are incised). Inscription in ink: 'The cup I eat my miserable allowance out.' A…

  • Unknown

    A dao taken by Claudius Scruton Poole AB, at the bombardment and burning of Zooloo, a pirate village in NE Borneo by HMS 'Kestrel' on 21 October 1879. Steel bladed sword with carved ivory pommel, a tuft of human hair…

  • Unknown
    Painted wooden mask

    Painted wooden mask with pointed teeth and attached fibre moustache (possibly goat hair). It was used in sacred performances and portrays a demon king.