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Traders Remixed - Power

Created: 06.02.12

These objects show the importance of power in trade between Britain and India and the its continued role in global business today.

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  • Unknown
    Chinese flag, Lieutenant of the Vanguard Brigade

    Imperial Chinese flag acquired by Robert John Le Mesurier McClure (1807-73) during the capture of Canton in December 1857. The City of Canton was attacked by a combined British and French force. McClure led one of three divisions of the…

  • Solvyns, Franz Balthazar
    The 'Charlotte of Chittagong' and other vessels at anchor in the River Hoogli

    This shows two views of the snow 'Charlotte, Chittagong' at anchor in the Hoogli River off Calcutta. She is shown in stern view on the left, with the name visible on the transom and in port-broadside view in the centre,…

  • Reynolds, Joshua
    Commodore Sir William James, 1722-83

    A three-quarter-length portrait to left in the full-dress uniform of Commodore of the Bombay Marine. Wearing a white wig, he leans on an anchor fluke and holds a drawing of a fort in his right hand. In 1747 James joined…

  • Dorman, J.
    circa 1830
    Jamsetjee Bomanjee Wadia, c. 1754-1821

    A full-length portrait seated to left in a white robe and embroidered pashmina shawl. He wears a full moustache curled at the ends and a turban. In his left hand he holds a pair of dividers. His right arm rests…

  • Rigaud, John Francis
    The Money Brothers: William Taylor, 1769-1834, James, 1772-1833, and Robert, 1775-1803

    A group portrait of three sons of William Money (1738-96), a Director of the East India Company and an Elder Brother of Trinity House, commissioned by Sir Robert Wigram Bt (1769-1830), Money's lifelong friend and business partner [ ref. Christies,…

  • Dupont, Gainsborough
    12 Sep 1801
    William Money Esqr. A Director of the Honorable United East India Company And Elder Brother of the Corporation of Trinity House

    Print. William Money (died 1796) was Captain of several East Indiamen and later a Director of the East India Company. Like many other Company servants, he was also an Elder Brother of the Corporation of Trinity House, having been elected…

  • Unknown

    Figurehead of HMS 'Himalaya', representing an Indian warrior in a turban drawing a sword. 'Himalaya' was an iron screw troopship of 3553 tons built for P & O in 1853 at Mare and Co's of Blackwall, was purchased by the…

  • Unknown
    HMS Seringapatam [Tipu Sultan?]

    Figurehead of HMS 'Seringapatam' a 46-gun fifth-rate (frigate) built for the Navy in India, at Bombay Dockyard, in 1819. It became a receiving ship in 1847 and in 1852 a coal hulk at the Cape of Good Hope, where it…

  • Unknown
    1-pound roundshot

    This 1-pound roundshot is recorded as having been recovered from the timber of an Indiaman, though the circumstances and date are not known. Swivel guns firing shot of this size were carried on board Royal Navy dispatch schooners in the…

  • Unknown
    Ten cash piece

    East India Company, ten cash piece. Obverse: Arms of the East India Co. Legend.'EAST INDIA COMPANY'. Exergue: '1803'. Reverse: Inscription in Persian script. Exergue: 'X.CASH'.

  • Henry Wilkinson

    Scabbard for Roman legionary-style sword which belonged to Captain Sir William Peel (1824-1858). There is a bright iron or steel scabbard fitted with a gilt brass top locket equipped with loops for a ring each side, and a gilt brass…