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Created: 14.01.12

Items of interest to those who study and search for shipwrecks.

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  • Lees, James
    Warship (1588); Galleon; Spanish

    Scale: 1:96. A full hull model of a Spanish galleon (circa 1588). Built in the solid and plank on frame. Model is decked, equipped and fully rigged, including details such as a pair of anchors, deck gratings, flags, decoration around…

  • Velde, Willem van de
    The stern of the 'Hampton Court'

    This work is a ship portrait, illustrating the stern and starboard-quarter gallery of the ‘Hampton Court.’ This is one of two drawings (along with PAH1881) in rapid pencil and wash, much in the manner of Van de Velde the Younger…

  • Wyllie, William Lionel
    CC V1, P8, 65
    Sheet of studies of various sailing vessels, annotated 1713, 1714, 1715

    Medium includes bodycolour.

  • Unknown
    Equipment model; Deadeye model

    Scale: Unknown. A large scale working model of a varnished wooden deadeye, enclosed by a metal strop in brass which can be released with the removal of a pin. This particular deadeye is the lower of a pair and is…

  • Unknown
    Cannon, 32pdr

    Scale: 1:10. Model of gun and carriage.

  • Unknown
    circa 1630

    Astrolabe. On the front is a sundial based on the universal astrolabe projection, associated with Rojas, and a lunar volvelle and aspectarium. The back is that of a typical astrolabe, with scales and a shadow square in the lower half,…

  • Unknown
    circa 1650

    Brass hinge and legs. Steel points.

  • Unknown
    circa 1588
    Greenwich (Valentia) Astrolabe

    The mariner's astrolabe was a simplified version of an instrument originally developed by Arab astronomers for measuring the height of heavenly bodies above the horizon and came into use in navigation by about 1470. In order to keep it steady…