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The Intrepid Amateurs

Created: 07.07.11

The Navy does not own the ocean waves. Some of the world’s finest sailors have been so-called amateurs, racing for sport or travelling for the sheer joy of adventure. Nor is sailing confined to the privileged few (though being a wealthy prince, peer or entrepreneur does help). Men and women from all walks of life are now sailing at the highest level, following in the wake of these three great pioneers...

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  • Unknown
    circa 1989
    'Humphrey' teddy bear mascot

    Teddy bear mascot called 'Humphrey' carried on the racing-yacht 'Maiden' during the 1989-90 Whitbread Round the World Yacht Race. It belonged to skipper Tracy Edwards b.1962. The toy is made of brown fur fabric, it has lost its legs, the…

  • Vincze, Paul
    Commemorative medal depicting Sir Francis Chichester (1901-1972) and

    Commemorative medal depicting Sir Francis Chichester (1901-1972) and 'Gypsy Moth IV'. Obverse: Bust of Sir Francis Chichester (left), wearing a cap. In the background mast and yacht rigging. Legend: 'SIR FRANCIS CHICHESTER'. Reverse: Kneeling figure of Neptune (left) with trident…

  • W. Haverkamp
    Medal commemorating Emperor William II Protector of the Kiel Regatta week 1882-1907

    A plaque shaped medal commemorating Emperor William II Protector of the Kiel Regatta week 1882-1907. Obverse: Bust of the Emperor William II in uniform and order (right). Exergue: 'WILHELM . II . DEVSCHER . KAISER VND . KOENIG . VON…

  • Wyllie, William Lionel
    CC V1, P8, 65
    Yacht race, showing the view aft on the deck of Kaiser Wilhelm II's 'Meteor' at Cowes, 1893, with 'Britannia' behind

    original art: drawing. Inscribed by the artist, who was one of the Kaiser's guests on 'Meteor' during the 1893 Queen's Cup race - which he won - at Cowes Regatta, this drawing being done during that race and annotated 'just…

  • Wyllie, William Lionel
    circa 1914-18
    CC V1, P8, 65
    'The Hohenzollern at Kiel'

    Inscribed, as title, and signed by the artist, lower left. The 'Hohenzollern' was Kaiser Wilhelm II's second imperial yacht of the name, launched by Aktiesgesellschaft Vulcan at Stettin on 27 June 1892 and broken up at Wilhelmshafen in 1923. She…

  • Unknown
    Sunbeam [Constance Alberta Brassey]

    Gold-painted half-length figurehead of Thomas Brassey's steam yacht 'Sunbeam' ,1874, representing a female angel, looking upwards and forwards with hands crossed on the breast. It is based on Brassey’ s daughter Constance Alberta, whose nickname was 'Sunbeam'. Born on 18…

  • Unknown
    The steam yacht 'Sunbeam' (1874) anchored at Spithead.

    port quarter view of the auxiliary steam schooner-rigged yacht 'Sunbeam' (1874) anchored at Spithead. She is flying the ensign and burgee of the Royal Yacht Squadron.