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Britain and the Sea

Created: 22.10.13

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  • Hodges, William
    MOD ID 573
    'A View taken in the bay of Oaite Peha [Vaitepiha] Otaheite [Tahiti]' ('Tahiti Revisited')

    Hodges' paintings of the Pacific are vivid records of British exploration. He was appointed by the Admiralty to record the places discovered on Cook's second voyage, undertaken in the 'Resolution' and 'Adventure', 1772-75. This was primarily in the form of…

  • Hodges, William
    circa 1776
    MOD ID 486
    'A View of the Monuments of Easter Island [Rapanui]'

    Hodges' paintings of the Pacific are vivid records of British exploration. He was appointed by the Admiralty to record the places discovered on Cook's second voyage, undertaken in the 'Resolution' and 'Adventure', 1772-75. This was primarily in the form of…

  • Morland, George
    circa 1793

    (Updated, January 2016) The painter George Morland (1763-1804) largely specialized in rural landscape subjects and characters, including some coastal and shipwreck compositions, of which this is one of several on the popular topic of smuggling. Morland often repeated compositions, in…

  • Turner, Joseph Mallord William
    The Battle of Trafalgar, 21 October 1805

    This is Turner’s only work by ‘royal command’ and the largest and most publicly controversial painting of his career. George IV gave him the commission late in 1822 on the advice of Sir Thomas Lawrence, President of the Royal Academy.…

  • Velde, Willem van de
    An English Ship in Action with Barbary Vessels

    An English ship, on the left, battles with a ‘Barbary’ ship and two galleys. Smoke fills the sky and the gunfire, which reflects in the sea, illuminates the sails of the ships and their flags. In the left foreground is…

  • West, Benjamin
    The Immortality of Nelson

    Although the victory at Trafalgar, 21 October 1805, was a cause for national celebration, for Britain it also resulted in the loss of Nelson. His death at the height of his fame inspired a cult of hero-worship and images of…

  • Storr, Paul
    Table centrepiece

    Massive silver-gilt centrepiece presented to Admiral Edward Pellew, 1st Baron Exmouth (1757-1833), by the officers who served under him at the Bombardment of Algiers, 27 August 1816. The centrepiece is modelled as the Lighthouse fort at Algiers, strongpoint of the…

  • Bough, Samuel
    Shipyard at Dumbarton

    This picture shows iron-framed ships under construction in Archibald McMillan and Son's yard. This firm built some of the largest sailing ships on the Clyde. During 1855 two ships, the 'Ardberg', 925 tons, and the 'Jane Jack Mitchell', 980 tons,…

  • Butler, Herbert E.
    Hauling in the lobster pot

    A painting showing two fishermen in a rowing boat in the act of hauling in a lobster pot. This was a very popular subject for artists at the end of the 19th century, when there was a focus on naturalistic…

  • Velde, Willem van de
    circa 1685
    An English Ship in Action with Barbary Corsairs, circa 1680

    An action between an English two-decker and a Barbary two-decker, showing three small ships and four galleys. Although naval historians are unable to relate the action to a specific event, the painting significantly identifies the danger to English ships from…

  • Kirkaldy, David
    30 January 1857 to 11 November 1860
    'Persia' (1855)

    Scale: 1:96. Plan showing the outboard longitudinal profile, sections with inboard detail through Stations A, B, C, D (through the paddle wheels), E, F, and G, and a detailed inboard longitudinal profile for 'Persia' (1855), a British & North American…

  • Unknown
    'Medal awarded to David Kirkaldy, Glasgow.  For a correct and beautifully executed drawing of the Persia.'

    A bronze-coloured embossed medal (seal) mounted on stiffened paper awarded to David Kirkaldy for the plan of 'Persia' (1855). See DKY0001 for the plan.

  • Kirkaldy, David
    1859 to 1860

    A 48 page notebook with pasted inserts containing rough sketches of ship and fitting details, with dimensions, in preparation for the drawing of 'Persia' (1855), by David Kirkaldy. The plan is DKY0001.

  • Kirkaldy, David
    1857 to 1860
    Notebook containing preparation drawings of the construction and fitting for 'Persia' (1855).

    A 72 page notebook containing drawings and diagrams relating to the construction and fitting for 'Persia' (1855) in preparation for the drawing of the plan by David Kirkaldy. Pages 14 and 15 have been photographed and illustrate the inboard profile…

  • Kirkaldy, David
    January 1857 to November 1860

    A 23 page notebook containing the details of the time taken to complete the drawing of the 'Persia' (1855) by David Kirkaldy. The notebook records the number of hours spent divided between pencil, ink and colour per day from 30…

  • Ortelius, Abraham
    circa 1570
    Indiae Orientalis, insularumque adjacientium typus

    Single sheet. Hand col. engr. Physical description Note: Edges trimmed close to border. Scale: [ca.1:20 000 000 (lat)]. Cartographic Note: Graduated map. Contents Note: Ocean decorated with mermaids, monsters and a ship in distress. From Ortelius' Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, 1st…