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Created: 11.11.13

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  • Legrand, Scott Pierre Nicolas
    circa 1805-18
    Apotheosis of Nelson

    Although the victory at Trafalgar on 21 October 1805 was a cause for celebration in Britain, it resulted in the loss of Nelson. His death at the height of his fame inspired a cult of hero-worship. Legrand's interpretation hovers between…

  • Drummond, Samuel
    circa 1806
    The death of Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar, 21 October 1805

    One of a series of paintings of the same subject by Drummond, of which BHC0547 is a variant showing a setting of ‘Victory’s’ middle deck whereas this seems to be on the quarter-deck. At Trafalgar, Nelson (on the quarter-deck) was…

  • West, Benjamin
    The Death of Lord Nelson in the Cockpit of the Ship 'Victory'

    The scene in the cockpit of 'Victory', 100 guns, during the Battle of Trafalgar, 21 October 1805. The narrative combines the portraiture of the principal figures with an enhanced history painting and shows Lord Nelson's dying moments. He lies propped…

  • Gheeraerts, Marcus
    Sir Francis Drake, 1540-96

    A three-quarter-length portrait slightly to the left, dressed in black, wearing leather gloves and the 'Drake Jewel' of gold with enamel, rubies and a drop pearl, hanging at waist level on a ribbon from his neck. To the left is…

  • Chalon, John James
    Scene in Plymouth Sound in August 1815 Sub-Title: The 'Bellerophon' with Napoleon Aboard at Plymouth (26 July - 4 August 1815)

    Napoleon surrendered to Captain Frederick Maitland of the 'Bellerophon', 74 guns, on 15 July 1815. They sailed into Plymouth Sound on Wednesday 26 July where a great many people rowed out to see Napoleon while he remained there, detained on…

  • Velde, Willem van de
    An English Ship in Action with Barbary Vessels

    An English ship, on the left, battles with a ‘Barbary’ ship and two galleys. Smoke fills the sky and the gunfire, which reflects in the sea, illuminates the sails of the ships and their flags. In the left foreground is…

  • Sherwin, John Keyse
    20 Apr 1779
    10 H 1779
    Captain James Cook


  • Canal, Giovanni Antonio
    Greenwich Hospital from the north bank of the Thames

    Little is known about this view of Greenwich Hospital from the Isle of Dogs, which may have been commissioned by Consul Joseph Smith for his residence on the Grand Canal. He was British Consul in Venice from 1744 to 1760,…

  • Hodges, William
    circa 1776
    MOD ID 486
    'A View of the Monuments of Easter Island [Rapanui]'

    Hodges' paintings of the Pacific are vivid records of British exploration. He was appointed by the Admiralty to record the places discovered on Cook's second voyage, undertaken in the 'Resolution' and 'Adventure', 1772-75. This was primarily in the form of…

  • Hodges, William
    MOD ID 573
    'A View taken in the bay of Oaite Peha [Vaitepiha] Otaheite [Tahiti]' ('Tahiti Revisited')

    Hodges' paintings of the Pacific are vivid records of British exploration. He was appointed by the Admiralty to record the places discovered on Cook's second voyage, undertaken in the 'Resolution' and 'Adventure', 1772-75. This was primarily in the form of…

  • Webber, John
    circa 1784
    MOD ID 62
    'Poedua, the Daughter of Orio' (b. circa 1758 - d. before 1788)

    A three-quarter-length portrait of Poedua (or Poetua, the usual modern spelling), the 19-year-old daughter of Orio, chief of the Haamanino district of Raiatea (Ulietea), one of the Society Islands neighbouring Tahiti. Standing a little to the left, she is shown…

  • Lowry, Laurence Stephen
    View of Deptford Power Station from Greenwich

    The painting depicts a view of Deptford Power Station from Greenwich, with its three concrete chimneys rising up on the left, belching black smoke into the pale sky. In front of the power station, various vessels are ranged in the…

  • O'Neil, Henry Nelson
    The Parting Cheer

    This large-scale painting, both ambitious and complex in conception, is the key mid-19th century image addressing emigration. Rich in interpretative material, it focuses on the reactions of those left behind on shore. The scene is set along the Thames although…

  • Morton, Andrew
    The United Service

    An interpretation of a meeting of army and navy veterans, the Chelsea Pensioners depicted dressed in scarlet coats and the pensioners of Greenwich Hospital in blue. They are portrayed during a viewing of the Naval Gallery paintings in the Painted…

  • Livesay, Richard
    circa 1800
    Captain Richard Grindall (1750-1820) and his family

    A conversation piece of a prominent naval officer and his family in a domestic interior. Captain Richard Grindall stands in a naval uniform accompanied by his wife and four male children. A painting of a naval action hangs on the…

  • Lawrence, Thomas
    circa 1797
    Captain Sir Edward Pellew, later 1st Viscount Exmouth

    A portrait of Captain Sir Edward Pellew, later Ist Viscount Exmouth, by Sir Thomas Lawrence PRA, about 1797. Pellew is best known for his bombardment of Algiers in 1816, which forced the release of over 1200 Christian slaves. Lawrence’s portrait…

  • Woodcock, Robert
    Early 18th century
    A Battle Between English and Dutch Ships

    A composition adapted from the painting of the Battle of the Texel, 1673, by Willem van de Velde the Younger, painted in 1687 (see BHC0315). In that painting the Dutch ship 'Gouden Leeuw', 80 guns, is shown firing at the…

  • Velde, Willem van de
    circa 1685
    An English Ship in Action with Barbary Corsairs, circa 1680

    An action between an English two-decker and a Barbary two-decker, showing three small ships and four galleys. Although naval historians are unable to relate the action to a specific event, the painting significantly identifies the danger to English ships from…