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Francis Drake

Created: 24.09.12

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  • Gheeraerts, Marcus
    Sir Francis Drake, 1540-96

    A three-quarter-length portrait slightly to the left, dressed in black, wearing leather gloves and the 'Drake Jewel' of gold with enamel, rubies and a drop pearl, hanging at waist level on a ribbon from his neck. To the left is…

  • British School, 16th century
    circa 1590
    Elizabeth I, 1533-1603

    A three-quarter-length portrait slightly to the left, seated. Elizabeth holds a sceptre in her right hand and, seated on a red throne, she is set against a background which is probably of green leather with a gold decoration. She wears…

  • Netherlandish School, 17th century
    17th century
    Philip II of Spain, 1527-98

    A three-quarter length portrait of Phillip II. He wears black, gold embossed half armour, possibly the Rosenblatt armour made for Ferdinand I, and a white gold embroidered and slashed short trunk hose. He carries a baton and the plumed close…

  • Eertvelt, Andries van
    17th century
    Spanish engagement with Barbary pirates

    A panel painting showing Spanish ships in action with Barbary pirates. In the foreground on the far right a Spanish galleon is engaging two Barbary galleys which have surrounded it. There is more fighting taking place behind. The fierce fighting…

  • Wieringen, Cornelis Claesz van
    A Dutch Merchantman Attacked by an English Privateer, off La Rochelle

    This painting is an allegorical evocation of the perils of seafaring in the early seventeenth century but, also, seems to record a particular incident. The painting shows two ships approaching each other at the opening of a skirmish. In the…

  • British School, probably after Cornelis Ketel
    circa 1575
    Edward Fiennes de Clinton, 1512-85, 1st Earl of Lincoln

    A half-length portrait to left in a dark doublet with gold buttons and a fur-trimmed coat of the same material, ornamented with jewels. He wears the collar of the Garter (appointed 1551) and a hat with jewels. Clinton held high…

  • Wierix, Hieronymus
    Robertus Dudleius Comes Licestrius, etc


  • English School, 16th century
    Sir John Hawkins, 1532-95

    The sitter is shown half-length, standing slightly to the right, in a black doublet and ruff with only his left hand visible. This holds the bottom of a sash with a silver-beaded edge, which is tied round his neck and…

  • Naish, Francis Clement Prideaux
    Circa 1949
    Merchant vessel; Passenger/cargo vessel (circa 1580)

    Scale: 1:60. A full hull model of a merchant ship (circa 1580) for transporting cargo. Model is decked, equipped and fully rigged with sails set. It is inscribed with the makers initials and date 'F.C.F.N.F 1949' on keel, and a…

  • Unknown
    Eight reales

    A Spanish dollar. Obverse: Engraved on a smooth surface within a circle a group of flags, a hand holding scales, another with a broken sword, an anchor, guns, piled ammunition, etc. Legend: 'Taken in the Ville de Paris April 12,…