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Created: 18.03.13

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  • Unknown
    early 19th century

    Providing food at sea was a major problem for both naval and merchant shipping from the 17th century onwards. Several methods of preserving were available to early mariners, particularly smoking and salting. Such methods did not however provide ships' crews…

  • Unknown
    Eight reales

    A Spanish dollar. Obverse: Engraved on a smooth surface within a circle a group of flags, a hand holding scales, another with a broken sword, an anchor, guns, piled ammunition, etc. Legend: 'Taken in the Ville de Paris April 12,…

  • D'Abrice y Mattos, Antonio
    Descripcion de las costas de tierra firme, Islas de Barlovento, seno Mexicano, bassos, sondas, ensenadas, y canales, nuevamente, en mendados algunos terros que la experiencia ha alcansado por destintos pilottos y particos. Par Antonio d'Abrice y Mattos, Pilotto de Armada de Barlovento

    Two sheets joined. Col. ms. Medium: Vellum. Cartographic Note: Mercator projection. Additional Places: Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean. Contents Note: The chart has two cartouches - one contains the title, the other is blank.

  • Adams, George
    circa 1776
    Mariner's compass

    The compass is housed in a wooden box, with a lid and an internal glass cover to allow the compass to be viewed while in the box. It is a dry card compass, marked with the points but not with…

  • Unknown
    18th century
    Royal Naval uniform: pattern 1795

    Three cornered hat that was probably a captain's undress, foul weather hat. The hat is made of beaver felt which has been covered with a black glazed linen, or holland. This would have made the hat waterproof to a certain…

  • Cary, William
    circa 1810
    Night telescope

    This is a hand-held terrestrial telescope designed for use at night. It has a large non-achromatic objective lens to allow as much light as possible to enter the telescope. The telescope doesn’t have extra lenses to correct the inversion of…

  • Unknown
    circa 1748
    Royal Naval uniform: pattern 1748-67

    The undress frock of a lieutenant was a working garment. It is of blue wool and has a very low collar lined with white velvet. The frock features wide lapels buttoned back with buttons of horn faced with brass that…

  • Woolley & Deakin
    circa 1803

    Grenadiers and light infantry sword. The hilt consists of a gilt knuckle-bow widening to form a solid badge of crown above foul anchor within a laurel wreath. It then joins a shell formed of three bars, of which the two…

  • Unknown
    circa 1790
    Sea Service Pistol

    Sea service pistol. The stock is of walnut, fully stocked to the muzzle. The pistol is fitted with brass trigger guard and brass butt cap. A single brass ramrod pipe is fitted with a wooden ramrod with a brass tip.…

  • Basire, Isaac
    'Captain Teach commonly call'd Black Beard'

    Numbered 'Page 203' top right, this is a detached example of the plate constituting that page in the folio edition of Charles Johnson's 'A General History of the Lives and Adventures of the Most Famous Highwaymen, Murderers, Street-Robbers, etc, to…

  • Pritchard, W
    Capt Avery and his crew taking one of the Great Mogul's ships

    Technique includes etching. Please contact staff to order this item.

  • Elder, James Basire the
    Capt Edward Low in ye Hurricane which he and all the crew had like to perish'd

    Page 267.; Technique includes etching.

  • Basire, Isaac
    Capt Bartholomew Roberts (c.1682 - 1722)

    This print of the pirate Bartholomew Roberts first appeared as page 228 (and is so inscribed) in the 1734 first folio edition of Charles Johnson's 'A general history of the lives and adventures of the most famous highwaymen, murderers, street-robbers,…

  • Wentworth, F
    The Female Pirates (From an Old Print) [Anne Bonny, 1698 - 1782, and Mary Read, c. 1695 - 1721]

    Two prints of female pirates. Anne Bonny (with gun) and Mary Read (with sword). Both are taken from the 1725 Dutch publication 'Historie der Engelsche Zee-Rovers' (A general history of pirates) [with thanks to Johanna Stadler]. Anne Bonny was born…

  • Eertvelt, Andries van
    17th century
    Spanish engagement with Barbary pirates

    A panel painting showing Spanish ships in action with Barbary pirates. In the foreground on the far right a Spanish galleon is engaging two Barbary galleys which have surrounded it. There is more fighting taking place behind. The fierce fighting…

  • Thornton, Samuel
    A draught of the coast of New Holland and parts adjacent.

    Scale: circa 1:1,500,000. Chart graduated on left hand side only. Mounted on cardboard frame. Inset: A Draught of Sharks Bay on the Coast of New Holland in the ... circa 1:60,000. In 1688 Dampier made the first English landfall in…

  • Unknown
    Flag or hanging depicting Ziwei Dadi

    Said to be the flag of the Chinese pirate Shap Ng Tsai but more likely to be a shrine hanging from one of the junks in his fleet. Most Chinese vessels had a small shrine on the poop dedicated to…

  • Unknown
    Bartolomew Portugues, Part 1. Ch. 6: pa: 54

    Technique includes etching.

  • Anthonisz, Aert
    circa 1615
    A French Ship and Barbary Pirates

    This tiny seascape focuses the spectator’s attention on the dramatic attack on an armed trading vessel by two Mediterranean galleys. Contrasting with the action in the centre foreground, the sea is calm, dark green with fine white crests, stretching towards…

  • Comberford, Nicholas
    Hispanola. Made by Nicholas Comberford in Ratcliffe anno 1653

    Single sheet. Col. ms. Medium: Vellum mounted on two hinged boards each 47 x 45.5cm. Scale: [ca. 1:900 000 (bar)]. Cartographic Note: Ungraduated. Latitude scale at west border. Distance scale in Spanish leagues. Additional Places: Hispaniola.