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Hickley, Henry Dennis, Admiral, 1826-1903


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Biographical details Admiral Henry Dennis Hickley was born in 1826 and served for almost fifty years in the British Navy and Admiralty. He served as a Lieutenant on H.M.S. Diadem; was Commander on H.M.S. Hope and Her Majesty's Steam Ship Gladiator; and became Captain of H.M.S. Princess Royal, Adventure, Royal Adelaide, Jamar, Hotspur, Endymion, and Impregnable between 1864 and 1878. Promoted to Rear Admiral of the Fleet on 24th January 1880, he was subsequent elevated to Vice-Admiral in June 1886, becoming an Admiral on the Retired List from 5th April 1892. Admiral Hickley was married to Mary Hickley and was the father of Lieutenant John Dennis Hickley, whose papers are also contained in the collection. Admiral Hickley died in 1903 at the age of 77, his son having predeceased him
Description The Hickley collection was presented to the National Maritime Museum by Rev. Dennis Hickley of Plater College, Oxford on 15th July 1982. It consists of two short diaries and a watch bill from H.M.S. Diadem; appointment papers detailing the rise of Henry Dennis Hickley from Ordinary Seaman in 1857 to Admiral of Her Majesty's Fleet by 1892; Navy pay records and statements of service; letters and telegraphs between Hickley and the Admiralty from 1869 to 1890; and a small number of documents relating to the domestic life of the Hickleys between 1842 and 1888. The address book of his wife, Mrs. H.D. Hickley, also features in the collection
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Finding Reference HIK/1-6
Catalogue section Personal collections
Creator Hickley, Henry Dennis
Credit National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
Extent 1 box, 6 items
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