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Letters and printed papers, 1895-1907.


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Description Admiralty documents including: German naval report - November 1905; Fisher's Royal Academy speech - print of 4 May 1903; Fisher to Prince of Wales (copy) 23 October 1906; New Name for the "Dreadnought" - Printed January 1907; The Cruiser Policy - 1 page undated typescript; Hand-drawn diagram of use of cruisers, undated; Fisher to Tweedmouth 17 January 1907; Fisher to Thursfield 18 January 1907; Some Letters to the First Lord and Remarks on Admiralty Policy, October 1906; Report of the Navy Estimates Committee 16 November 1905; Brochure for launch of Dreadnought 10 February 1906; A Democratic Navy (holograph by Fisher) undated; Untitled typescript begins 'Lessons from Lagos...'; National Review December 1906 reprint 'The Sacrifice of Sea-Power'; Repairs of the Fleet, August 1907; Typescript on savings from scrapping useless ships; Report of the Director of Naval Ed, January 1907; The Home Fleet, December 1906; Repairs print, February 1907; Memorandum on Sea Power - Colonial Conference 1902; New Construction White Paper - 1906; Battleships Return - 18 July 1908; Navy (Vessels Struck off the Effective List) - 7 March 1905; Navy (Cruisers Struck off the Effective List) - 7 March 1905; Warships return, 3 September 1895; Arrangements for Redistribution of the Fleet, 15 March 1905; Letter of Major-General Crease - June 1898; Circular letter 1903 - re retirement and pay; Distribution and Mobilization of the Fleet, December 1904; War Arrangements, June 1907;
Date made 1895-1907

Finding Reference THU/2/6
Catalogue section Personal collections
Credit National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
Extent 1 box containing 39 items
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