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The Dreadnought, 104 Guns, until recently lying off Greenwich

Prints, drawings and watercolours

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Collection Prints, drawings and watercolours, Fine art
Gallery locationNot on display
VesselsDreadnought (1801), Caledonia (1808)

Object details:

Object ID PAD6061
Description The ship's side is painted along the wales, 'Seamen's Hospital / Supported by Voluntary Contributions / For Seamen of All Nations'. 'Dreadnought' is on her stern. Greenwich Hospital appears behind an anchored brig to the left and part of Greenwich to the right under the bow of another warship. The legend indicates that this is a later edition of PAD6149 with the lettering on the ship's side added to what is otherwise a much worn plate (especially as regards the background detail) and without reflecting the angle at which the bottom line at least would certainly appear as painted on the tumblehome of the hull, as we know it was from other images. The 'Dreadnought' was in use by the (merchant) Seamen's Hospital Society off Greenwich from 1827 to 1856 when replaced by the ex-'Caledonia', which was renamed 'Dreadnought'. The ships are clearly the same in both Cooke images, the 'Grampus', which preceded 'Dreadnought', being a smaller vessel of 50 guns. The present image was presumably reissued by the Society to mark the changeover of ship.
Date made circa 1857

Artist/Maker Cooke, Edward William
Credit National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
Materials etching
Measurements Mount: 162 mm x 239 mm
  • The Dreadnought, 104 Guns, until recently lying off Greenwich (PAD6061)
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