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Object ID PAI4068
Description This engraving, after drawings by artist William Hodges, is in John Hawkesworth's account (1773) of the voyages of Captain James Cook, Joseph Banks and Captain John Byron. Captain James Cook (1728-1779) made three separate voyages to the Pacific (with the ships Endeavour, Resolution, Adventure, and Discovery) and did more than any other voyager to explore the Pacific and Southern Ocean. Cook not only encountered Pacific cultures for the first time, but also assembled the first large-scale collections of Pacific objects to be brought back to Europe. He was killed in Hawaii in 1779. William Hodges (1744 - 1797) joined Cook's second expedition to the South Pacific as a draughtsman 1772-75 and was employed by the Admiralty in finishing his drawings. His drawings were likely completed in the Society Islands during late August and mid-September 1773. It was in the Society Islands that the most cordial relations were established with local inhabitants, and it was here that Hodges was able to produce a fine series of portraits of Tahitians, several of whom were well-known personalities to members of Cook's company. This included Tynai Mai, a young beauty who was much admired and who danced for Cook's company in Raiatea. Tynai Mai was the daughter of Orio, chief of Raiatea. Her sister Poedua was painted by Webber on the third voyage. She is described in Hawkesworth's account: 'Mr Hodges took the opportunity of drawing a sketch of her portrait, which her vivacity and restless disposition rendered almost impossible.' G. Forster (10 September 1773) 'on their heads they hada a high twist or turbant of plaited hair; on the crown in the circle between ye plaited hair all was filled with Cape Jasmin flowers & the front of the bunch of plaited hair was ornamented with 3 or 4 rows of the white flowers of the Morinda citrifolia, which looked so pretty as if the head had been set of by pearls'. J.R. Forster (11 September 1773) This is the second of two such engravings. Mounted in album with PAI3938-PAI4067, PAI4069-PAI4076.; Page 116.; Plate No. XLI.
Date made 1 Feb 1777

Artist/Maker Sherwin, John Keyse
Strahan, William
Cadell, Thomas
Credit National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
Materials engraving & etching
Measurements Sheet: 265 x 205 mm
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