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Ship's bell

Ship equipment

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Collection Ship equipment
Gallery locationNot on display
VesselsSan Demetrio 1938

Object details:

Object ID EQA0481
Description Ship's bell 'San Demetrio' 1938. Polished outside with cast-in crown staple, cylindrical argent. Small brass bell fitted with chromium bolt (original). Iron clapper (EQA0481.1) with ornamental bell rope (EQA0481.2), turk's head knot at the bottom. Engraved name 'S.R.S SAN DEMETRIO'. The engraved name is not original. 'SRS' is believed to refer to 'Sea Ranger Ship' as according to the donor the bell was given to a Sea Ranger crew, now disbanded. The bell was probably removed when the ship was being repaired in the Clyde.
Date made 1938

Credit National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
Materials metal: brass
Measurements Overall: 11.5 mm x 10 in
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