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Celestial table globe


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Object ID GLB0157
Description Celestial table globe. Astronomical details on the sphere show a labelled magnitude table above the title cartouche. The Milky Way and the Megallanic Clouds are labelled, and a total of 34 stars and ten star groups are named. The 48 Ptolemaic constellations are drawn, and up to five of the non-Ptolemaic constellations are drawn but not labelled. The 12 southern constellations of Plancius are drawn and all apart from one these are labelled. Most Ptolemaic constellations are drawn according to the style of Saenredam, as copied from the 340 mm celestial globe by Willem Janz Blaeu, GLB0151. An exception is, for instance, the ship Argo. The first celestial globe by Hondius of 1597/8, with a sphere diameter of 350 mm, was classified as 'Hondius A'. It showed the 12 southern constellations designed by Petrus Plancius, using observations of Dutch navigators collected during the first voyage of the Dutch to the East Indies (1595-97). This globe was soon replaced by a newly engraved one classified as 'Hondius B', in which Hondius copied the style introduced by Willem Janz Blaeu on the first edition of his celestial globe of 1597/8. The meridian ring and the stand for this globe are now missing. For full details about the cartography and construction of this globe please refer to the related publication.
Date made 1600

Artist/Maker Hondius, Jodocus
Petrus Plancius, Petrus
Place made Amsterdam
Credit National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
Materials papier mache; plaster; hand-coloured; varnish; copper plate engraved
Measurements Diameter: 356 mm
  • Celestial table globe (GLB0157)
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