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Terrestrial floor globe


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Collection Globes, Astronomical and navigational instruments, Charts and maps, Globes and globe gores
User collections Captain Cook's First Voyage by NMMCollections
Gallery locationNot on display
PeopleDepiction: Butler, Thomas
Explorer: Cook, James
Explorer: Jean-Francois de La Perouse
Depiction: Phipps, G. J.
Depiction: Captain Richard Pickersgill
Explorer: Vancouver, George
Maker: Cary, John
Maker: Cary, William
Explorer: Ross, James Clark

Object details:

Object ID GLB0242
Description Terrestrial floor globe. Geographical details on the sphere include reports on explorations in the north polar region: 'The sea seen by Mr Mackenzie 1789' and 'Note: On Whale Island a Post is erected with the lat.e 69° 14 and Mr Mackenzies name, number of Men Canoes, &c'. The place where Parry and Liddon wintered in 1819/20 in the search for a northwest passage is indicated. In Australia there is a label for 'NEW SOUTH WALES / Explored and so named by Capt Cook in 1770', and a note on the 'Boundary Line between New Holland & New South Wales / according to the British Patent given to the first Governor of Port Jackson'. Tasmania is drawn as an island. Near the 'I. of OWHYHEE and Karakakooa Bay' there is a note on Cook's death, and 'Cap.t Clerke succeeded him in the command of the Resolution'. In the south polar region, there are three labels including, for example, 'Firm Fields & Vast Mountains of Ice'. Cook's second and third voyages are extensively labelled by dates. Tracks of nine other voyages of exploration are labelled with dates. Seven oceans are named. The first edition of this globe is from 1816. Other editions, of 1820, 1823 and 1836 are also known. For full details about the cartography and construction of this globe please refer to the related publication.
Date made 1827

Artist/Maker Cary, John
Cary, William
Place made London
Credit National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
Materials papier mache; paper; brass; wood; plaster; varnish; hand-coloured; copper plate engraved; ink
Measurements Overall: 1120 x 620 mm; Diameter of sphere: 458 mm
  • Terrestrial floor globe (GLB0242)
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