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Merchant Collection

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Collection Merchant Collection, Ship Plans
Gallery locationNot on display

Object details:

Object ID ANSB0001
Description 24 plans and one 45 page manual of merchant ships 1929-1972. Catalogued on Access ANS0001 - ANS0025. Also item catalogued on MIMSY as ANS0001-ANS0025. -'Alba Sicula 1' (1957) built by Cant. Nav. M & B Benetti. Yard No 34 -'Donna mariella' (1972) built by Cant. dell'alto Adriatico. Yard No 201 -'Dyvi Anglia' (1964) built by Trosvig Verksted. Yard No 82 -'EC2-S-C1 Liberty Ship' built by South Portland S.B. Corp. Yard Nos 213 - 216 -'Eleonora F' (1965) built by Ansaldo S.A. Yard No 1628 -'Maremma' (1959) built by Cant. Nav. M & B Benetti. Yard No 37 -'Okume' (1955) built by Empresa Nacional "Bazan". Yard No 21 -'Pansio' (1931) ex 'Fjordaas' built by Deutsche Werke A.G. Yard No 227 -'Rio Casca' (1953) ex 'Olympic Hill' built by Kieler Howaldtswerke A.G. Yard No 975 -'Rosapelagi' (1929) ex 'Koomilya' built by Caledon S.B. & Eng. Co. Yard No 327 -'Skymark' (1970) built by Ankerlokken Verft Glommen. Yard No 174 -'Tank King (1951) built by Harland & Wolff, Belfast. Yard No 1410
Date made

Credit National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
Measurements Box: 150 x 370 x 480 mm
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