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Medal commemorating the capture of Guadeloupe, 1759

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Object ID MEC1304
Description Medal commemorating the capture of Guadeloupe, 1759. Obverse: Pallas standing (left), placing one foot upon an antique prow, holds a trident and a military standard. Before her 'MOORE', behind her 'BARRINGTON', both placed vertically. Exergue: 'SOC . PROM . ARTS AND . COMMERCE'. Reverse: Britannia, leaning upon her spear, her shield at her side, raises a suppliant female holding sugar canes. Legend: 'GVADALVPE . SVRRENDERS'. Exergue: 'MAY . I . MDCCLIX'. Guadeloupe had first been settled by the French in 1635. Many of its original Carib inhabitants were wiped out as a result. Such was its wealth as a sugar-producing island that the British persisted in their attempts to seize the island, as this medal suggests. In the Treaty of Paris (1763), the French were prepared to cede New France (Canada) to the British in return for Guadeloupe.
Date made 1759

Artist/Maker Stuart
Pingo, Thomas
Credit National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
Materials silver
Measurements Overall: 40 mm
  • Medal commemorating the capture of Guadeloupe, 1759 (MEC1304)
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