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Stuffed beaver

Routes and Resources

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Collection Routes and Resources, Polar Equipment and Relics
ExhibitionsNorth-West Passage
User collections Re·Think Migration by marre986
Collectables (All) by blueheatwave
Collectables (Americas / Canada) by blueheatwave
Gallery locationPolar Worlds Gallery (Floor plans)

Object details:

Object ID AAA4127
Description Beavers were the main animal traded and trapped by the Hudson’s Bay Company. Their fur was widely used in European clothing manufacture, especially hat-making. European beavers fed this market until about 1600, when over-hunting severely reduced native populations. In the 17th century, French, British and Dutch traders, in conjunction with Native American trappers, began to supply North-American beaver fur to the European clothing market.
Date made 1983

Artist/Maker Starbeck Taxidermy
Credit National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
Materials skin; wood
Measurements Overall: 245 x 1020 x 240 mm
  • Stuffed beaver (AAA4127)
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