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Kitab al Aqualim [Book of Routes and Regions]

Manuscript atlases

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Collection Manuscript atlases, Charts and maps
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Description Kitab al Aqualim. Book of Routes made in the 13th century, describing the regions and routes of the Islamic world. This work is based upon the 10th century writings of Ibrahim Al-Istakhri, a scholar who travelled and collated information from other travellers and traders of the period. The National Maritime Museum’s copy preserves the majority of maps with full colours. The work divides the the Islamic world into 20 regions/kingdoms (aqalim): Bilad Al-‘Arab (Arabia); Bahr Fars (Arabian Sea, Red Sea, Gulf); Maghrib (North Africa west of Egypt and Spain); Misr (Egypt); Al-Shom (The Levant); Bahr Al Run (The Mediterranean); Al-Jazird (North Iraq); Iraq; Khuzistan; Fars (Iran); Kirman (Kerman); Sind (Indus Valley and India); Armenia, Al Run and Adherbayjan; Al-‘ibal (North Iran); Daylam, Tabaristan and Jurgan (South of the Caspian Sea); Bahr Al-Khazar (Caspian Sea); The Desert; Sijistan (South Afghanistan); Kurasan (Afghanistan); Ma wara Al-Nahr (North Afghanistan and north of Afghanistan). It then gives names and details of the major cities starting with the capital; indicates the size, position and importance of each of them; discusses the characteristics of the local population; details the exports of the region; details the routes connecting the cities. Leather bound; ‘The Book of Kings and their administration, 1300' on spine; pages repaired with Bodleian hand made mould paper; 139 pages; 17 maps.
Date made 13th century

Artist/Maker Istakhri, Abu Ishaq Ibrahim ibn Muhammad al-Farisi al
Credit National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
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