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Tractatus Insulari Archipelagi.

Charts and maps

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Collection Charts and maps, Manuscript atlases
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Object ID P/13
Description Tractatus Insulari Archipelagi. 4 leaves on paper (c19th introduction in Italian to the work of Buondelmonte); 38 leaves on vellum (c15th); nineteenth century tooled leather binding. Rubrication incomplete. Cristoforo Buondelmonte was from a distinguished Florentine family, who travelled extensively in the Greek archipelago during his life. The volume is dedicated to Cardinal Giardano Orsini, evident from a rubricated acrostic from the beginning of each chapter. There is a copy of Buondelmonte's work on paper, in a less neat hand, at P/20.
Date made 1420

Artist/Maker Buondelmonte, Cristoforo
Credit National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
Materials vellum
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