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'Outlines of the Globe' or 'Imaginary World Tour' in twenty-three volumes - narratives, natural history and sketches by Thomas Pennant (1726–1798), naturalist, traveller, and writer

Manuscript atlases

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Collection Manuscript atlases, Charts and maps
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Object ID P/16
Description For more information see item level records. Note that numbers 5 and 21 have not been used. The 23 manuscript volumes of imaginary travels throughout the world were in part published as his outlines of the Globe, published in 4 volumes between 1798 and 1800. Volumes 3 and 4 were produced by his son David. The first 2 volumes focus on Hindustan, and though works of imagination, they drew on his knowledge of India and the writings of James Rennell, explorer. The title of the third, The Literary Life of the Late Thomas Pennant Esq., by himself (1793), hints at Pennant's sense of humour. It is signed only by dotted lines to indicate the death of the author. Pennant's Literary Life, which has several of his shorter works collected as appendices, makes clear his immense industry and the fact that his natural history writing and travelling were undertaken while fulfilling other responsibilities: he was high sheriff of Flintshire in 1761; author of pamphlets on road management and the militia laws; chairman in 1792 of the Flintshire Loyalist Association; and from 1763 improver of his own estates.
Date made 1787-1792

Artist/Maker Pennant, Thomas
Credit National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
Measurements 23 volumes (note that numbers 5 and 21 have not been used).
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