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Rosapelagi [ex Koomilya] (1929)

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Collection Merchant Collection, Ship Plans
Gallery locationNot on display

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Object ID ANS0007
Description Scale 1:192. A plan showing the inboard profile, superstructure decks, upper deck and main deck of the cargo vessel Rosapelagi [ex Koomilya] (1929), illustrating modifications made to the hull. This ship was built by the Caledon Shipbuilding and Engineering Company, yard number 327. The modifications shown on the plan were carried out at the Arsenale Triestino. NOTE: THIS PLAN CAN ONLY BE USED FOR REFERENCE PURPOSES UNTIL 2026.
Date made Dated: 31 October 1955

Credit National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
Materials paper dyeline print; blue ink; pencil
Measurements Sheet: 610 mm x 860 mm
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