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Palmers Shipbuilding & Iron Company Ltd, Jarrow on Tyne and other items


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Object ID ALB0746
Description A loose leaf photograph album with the upper cover missing and patent fastening (bolts). There are 46 leaves and 93 photographs of various sizes that have been captioned. This is a miscellaneous album covering the period circa. 1924 to post Second World War. The album includes steelwork produced for constructional work, ship repair & refurbishment. Condition fair, some prints missing as noted below. Leaf 1 to 26 Various including Aerial views of Palmers Hebburn Co. 1936; ‘C’ type hangar, South Farnborough, 1937; Rudge-Whitworth cycle factory, Hayes; and Darlington Forge Hammer Shop 27r ‘Doric Star’ (1921) Lithgows Ltd., Port Glasgow, in dry dock, with loose newspaper cutting showing her just after a torpedo strike 28 28r ‘Dominion Monarch’ (1939) Swan Hunter & Wigham Richardson Ltd., Newcastle. alongside & in river, port bow 29 ‘Dominion Monarch’ in dock, dead ahead 29r ‘Dominion Monarch’ in dry dock, starboard bow 30 to 31r Views inside constructional works including galvanizing plant 32 HMS ‘Lion’ (1910) Nov. 1924, in dock, being broken up. 32r HMS ‘Lion’ stem cut off for docking 33 & 33r three prints missing 34 2 photos dated 1923 showing storage tanks. One has cows in foreground 34r Saranac (1918) or Cadillac (1917) in dock with man dangling from crane chain 35 to 38 Saranac and/or Cadillac having a new 4,000 ton centre section added at Palmer’s Hebburn, with a rear view of a welder or cutter in action. Several prints missing 39 ‘Doric Star’ (1921) Lithgows Ltd., Port Glasgow, good view, starboard bow, at sea 39r Two views of shipyard 40 Dry dock at Swansea 40r to 42r ‘Strombus’ whaler (1900) Armstrong Whitworth & Co. Ltd., Newcastle. Reconstruction in 1936 at Palmer’s Hebburn Co. Ltd.., and stowing stores for a season (muddle on deck). Also bound in the album is an article on the reconstruction reprinted from Shipbuilding and Shipping Record, Dec 10th 1936. 43 Print missing 43r ‘Arandora Star’ (1927) Cammell Laird & Co. Ltd. Alongside at a shipyard, port bow, elevated viewpoint. Photo by Parry & Sons, South Shields 44 ‘Monarch of Bermuda’ (1931) Vickers Armstrong Ltd., Newcastle, in dock, starboard bow. Imposing shot by Parry & Son 45 West repairing jetty, Palmers Hebburn, 1937, with ‘Almeda Star’ (1926) Cammell Laird, Birkenhead, and ‘Napier Star’ (1927) Lithgows, Port Glasgow, alongside, port quarter views. Parry & Son 45r Palmers (Swansea) Dry Dock Co. Ltd., panoramic shot with about 120 people at the opening ceremony, 14th May 1924. Print is folded, one end broken off (loose in the album). 46 Newcastle Guilds demarcation: “A schedule of the several sorts of work belonging to each of the companies of House-Carpenters and Joiners, ………within the town of Newcastle upon Tyne” etc., 18th April 1737, ranging from “coffins… for dead corpse” to “mangles used for mangling of cloaths”
Date made

Credit National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
Measurements Overall: 457 mm x 292 mm x 76 mm
  • Palmers Shipbuilding & Iron Company Ltd, Jarrow on Tyne and other items (ALB0746)
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