Charts and maps, Manuscript atlases

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Charts and maps

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Collection Charts and maps, Manuscript atlases
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Object ID P/49(32)
Description Bound sheet. Col. ms. Medium: Laid on linen. Cartographic Note: This loxodrome was drawn to form the basis of a sea chart. A circle 15.8cm in diameter was subtended from a central point and 16 equidistant points (at 22.5 degree intervals) were marked on its perimeter. Each of the 17 nodes thus created has 32 lines radiating out from it and 16 of the 32 lines connect each node to every other node on the sheet. The loxodrome is crudely drawn and that may be the reason it was not used. Additional Places: Ireland. From volume eight, Maps of Ireland, of the Dartmouth collection of maps and plans, compiled for or by George Legge, Master General of the Ordnance.
Date made

Artist/Maker Anonymous
Credit National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
Materials Paper; Linen
Measurements Drawing area 32 x 53.5cm, on sheet 37 x 56cm
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