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Midwinter day at Cape Evans in the Men's Quarters

Miscellaneous Antiquities

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Collection Miscellaneous Antiquities
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Object ID ZBA2283.12
Description No 12. from Players cigarette cards, second series of 25, 'Polar Exploration'. The front depicts five men inside an expedition hut drinking. One seated on the table playing a balalaika. The scene is captioned: 'Player's Cigarettes MIDWINTER DAY.' Reverse: 'Midwinter day at Cape Evans in the Men's Quarters. June 22nd, 1911 was set aside by Capt. Scott, as a holiday for the members of the expedition. No work was undertaken beyond the routine of cleaning the hut and excercising the ponies. When evening came mysterious boxes were produced, and out of each came presents of tobacco, sweets, and almost forgotten luxuries for every member of the party. Splendid cakes were produced from their sealed tin boxes, and even a Christmas tree appeared fully illuminated and decked with toys. The musicians of the party soon tuned up, and songs, dances, and recitations cheered the little band of Polar comrades. Nobody ever looked or felt happier than the bluejackets attached to the enterprise.'
Date made 1916

Credit National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
Materials card
Measurements Overall: 1 mm x 67 mm x 36 mm
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