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An Adélie Penguin with a Young One

Miscellaneous Antiquities

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Collection Miscellaneous Antiquities
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Object ID ZBA2283.21
Description No 21. from Players cigarette cards, second series of 25, 'Polar Exploration'. The front shows a small and large bird with two other penguins in the background, captioned: 'Players Cigarettes AN ADÉLIE PENGUIN WITH A YOUNG ONE'. The reverse is entitled: 'An Adélie Penguin with a Young One. The Adélie penguins are the most amusing creatures known to the Antarctic explorer. They settle for the breeding season on the only available beaches fringing the rock-bound and ice-covered South Polar continent. Their eggs are laid under the most hazardous circumstances, for the skua-gull hovers above the "rookery" ready to pounce down and fly off with the egg left unguarded for a second. The young penguin is covered with chocolate covered down, which gradually becomes grey, and is finally shed to give place to the peculiar short black and white tufts which form the penguin's skin.'
Date made 1916

Credit National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
Materials card
Measurements Overall: 1 mm x 36 mm x 67 mm
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