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Lindström, the Cook

Miscellaneous Antiquities

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Collection Miscellaneous Antiquities
Gallery locationNot on display
PeopleDepiction: Lindstrøm, Adolf Henrik

Object details:

Object ID ZBA2283.23
Description No 23. from Players cigarette cards, second series of 25, 'Polar Exploration'. The front shows an explorer with an insulated cooker and an unloaded sledge, captioned: 'Player's Cigarettes LINDSTRÖM THE COOK. Reverse: ' Lindström, the Cook. One of the most important members of a Polar expedition is the cook. The health of the party depends so much on the diet and the manner in which the food is "dished up" while in winter quarters. Seal-meat tastily served is equal to the best beef, and while partaken of will act most certainly as an efficient preventative of scurvy. This means that with ordinary luck, given a good cook, men will have at the door of their wooden hut a tasty antidote to the only disease likely to obtain. But seal-meat badly prepared, with rank blubber left in, will prove a nauseating mess, and no man will willingly partake of it.'
Date made 1916

Credit National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
Materials card
Measurements Overall: 1 mm x 67 mm x 36 mm
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