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Ship's bell

Ship equipment

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Collection Ship equipment
Gallery locationSea Things Gallery (Floor plans)
VesselsEskimo 1937 (HMS)

Object details:

Object ID ZBA4941
Description Ship's bell from HMS 'Eskimo' (1937). With crown argent, inscribed: ‘H.M.S. ESKIMO 1938’ in sunken letters painted red. The bell has a decorative bell rope. The interior of the bell is painted red and it is engraved with a broad arrow on the reverse. It is attached to a display stand made by the donor. The bell has been used for christenings and is inscribed with the children's names. Some of the christenings were conducted after the war when the owner of the bell was a clergyman. Inscribed around the interior of the rim are the names of infants christened in the bell as follows: 'J.A. Rose 1970, M.D Rose 1970, C.J. Snell 18-2-79, A.L.K. Phillips 70, C.M. MURISON & J.L. MURISON 4.3.79, J.L. Malcolm 1971, P.G. FARLEY 17-5-79, S.T. Lord 1971, R.J. BEAN 2-9-79, S.B. Oldham 3-8-75, B.C. MEARS 20-5-79, S.E.Cooke 28-9-76, J.P. Bromley 3-4-77, S.L. Price 19-6-77, M.J. Price 19-6-77, S & C Carroll 25-4-79, A.J. Paterson 19-6-77, L.P. Paterson 19-6-77, S.J. BATEMAN 8-8-79, J.J. Lallyette 24-7-77, B.S. FARLEY 9-9-79, K.H. Bailey 14-8-77, L.M. Oldman 23-10-77, L.A. WALSH 8-11-79, D.A. Bateman 9-3-77, V.S. Maple 1--4-78, P.A. Foster John 13-4-69, D.J. Perry 24-8-69'.
Date made 1938

Credit National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
Materials bronze
Measurements Overall: 310 mm; Diameter: 320 mm
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