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Banks' Florilegium Plate 47 Distichostemon Hispidulus


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ExhibitionsThe Art and Science of Exploration, 1768-80
User collections Captain Cook's First Voyage by NMMCollections
Gallery locationNot on display

Object details:

Object ID ZBA5971
Description Part III - Australia. One of a set of 738 botanical prints produced from original drawings made by Sydney Parkinson on the first voyage of Captain Cook (1768-1771). Parkinson made sketches of hundreds of specimens collected by Joseph Banks and Daniel Solander on the voyage, which were to be turned into completed watercolours on their return. This specimen was found at Endeavour River , Australia, between June 17th and August 4th of the year 1770. This specimen was found at Endeavour River , Australia. Following Parkinson's death on the return voyage, the watercolour was completed by John Frederick Miller and engraved by Gabriel Smith, under the patronage of Banks, but never published. These passed to the Natural History Museum on Banks' death and were eventually published by them in the 1980s (in association with Alecto Publishing) in full colour, using the original engraving plates. This set is Number 95 of a limited edition of 100. Each print is inscribed with specimen name, finding location, artists names and date.
Date made 1771-1784; 1980-1994

Artist/Maker Smith, Gabriel
Natural History Museum
Alecto Historical Editions
Parkinson, Sydney
Credit National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
Materials hand-coloured engraving; cream, medium, handmade, plate paper
Measurements Mount: 734 mm x 570 mm
  • Banks' Florilegium Plate 47 Distichostemon Hispidulus (ZBA5971)
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