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Equipment model; Propeller model

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Collection Ship models
User collections Longitude punk'd by hfinch-boyer
Gallery locationNot on display
PeopleDepiction: Peacock, G
Provenance: Peacock, G

Object details:

Object ID SLR2386
Description Scale: Unknown. A model of an early propeller, depicting a design by Captain G. Peacock (circa 1839). The model has two leather blades with iron frames attached to a mechanism that allows the propeller to feather itself when not in use. The propeller shaft is iron and the frame has been bolted to it. The pitch of the leather blades can be changed as the part of the frame parallel with the shaft pivots where it is joined to the shaft bearing. The propeller is mounted in position to a rectangular oak frame, the bottom face of which is secured to a bevelled oak baseboard. There are two angled support brackets, also in oak, either side of the forward upright of the frame, screwed to the frame and the baseboard. The oak frame, baseboard and supports have been stained and varnished a uniform mid-brown colour. Attached to the front of the forward upright of the frame, and fixed to the front face of the shaft, is a large circular wooden button, possible walnut, with a deep groove in its circumference. When the button is turned the propeller rotates. There is a plain paper label attached to the baseboard, though its function is not known.
Date made circa 1830

Artist/Maker Unknown
Credit National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
Materials wood; organic: leather; metal: iron; metal: lead; paint; coating: varnish
Measurements Overall model: 475 x 278 x 263 mm
  • Equipment model; Propeller model (SLR2386)
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