The Collections

Collections Online

The NMM has developed an Application Programming Interface (API) to make it easy for individuals and organisations to share its collection records and images with the public. If you need to download more than 25 images at a time, you are encouraged to use the API.

  • Collection images must always credit ‘National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London’ and link to the original collection record on the NMM collections website.
  • Some collection images have a more restricted licence than CC BY-NC-SA, which you must comply with. Please see our full API documentation for advice on how to exclude such images.
  • Do not make an unreasonable number of API calls or compromise the experience of other users. As a guide, you should make no more than 3000 calls per day and no more than one request per second. We may place more formal limits on the API in the future.
  • The maximum allowed enlargement of images is 1200 pixels along the longest length of the image. Do note that these images are made available for non-commercial use only.

Please contact the Picture Library if you would like to use the NMM’s collection records under different conditions.

The NMM invites you to contribute to parts of the website, by sharing tags and feedback and creating your own collections. By making a contribution to the collections website, you grant to the NMM a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free licence to use the material under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA) licence The NMM reserves the right to share your contributions via its API and to remove any contributions it deems unsuitable.

If you find our content useful, you are welcome to link directly to it.

API structure
The search interface is powered by SOLR (, an open source enterprise search platform developed by the Apache foundation.

The system is currently under development and therefore the schema and indexes described in this document are subject to change.

Base URL
The base URL for SOLR searching is

SOLR Search Syntax
The SOLR syntax is fully described in the SOLR documentation. See, for example:

Sample queries
Find objects made in 1914 and return the description and collection: AND dateMade:1914&fl=description,collection

Find all records with ‘Nelson’ in the title, return the title and description and provide a facet count of each record type:, description