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Created: 18.04.18

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  • Velde, Willem van de
    Fishing an anchor

    A rough sketch showing one of the port anchors of an English ship being fished. On the right, a small drawing showing a bow view of a ship with the anchor in the same position as in the larger drawing.…

  • Payne, William
    Rusted  anchors

    original art: drawing. Title previously read 'kedge anchors' but there is no apparent reasons for this.

  • Unknown
    Perrin anchor

    Scale: Unknown. A model of the fluke and arm of a Perrin anchor made entirely in wood, carved from a single piece, and stained a dark brown colour. The arm is cut-off at an angle, and the half lap scarf…

  • Unknown
    June 1848
    Sketch for the stowage and release of anchors (1848)

    No scale (possibly 1:48). Plan showing the bow elevation for a large two-decker to illustrate the position of a stowed anchor, and the position of a released anchor. Signed James Henderson [Master Attendant, Devonport Dockyard, June 1846-1858].

  • Unknown
    Comparison draught between the anchor design of Perring's, Lt. Roger's, and a new anchor

    No sale. Plan showing the front and side elevations, and the details of laying the plates for comparing three anchor designs: Perring's (blue ink), Lieutenant Roger's (red dots), and a new design (red ink). Initialled by John Edye [Assistant to…

  • Unknown
    19th century
    Equipment model; Anchor model

    Scale: Unknown. A model of anchor, without a stock, made entirely in steel. The long shank is circular in section with a square sectioned top through which passes a large ring. The arms come to a point at the crown…