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  • Unknown
    Ship model

    A model of the Viking ship 'Skuldelev 3' which is built to a scale of 1:20. The original ship was one of five late Viking period vessels found blocking the entrance to Roskilde fjord, Denmark. It was excavated in 1962…

  • Lees, James
    Ship model

    A model of the Viking ship Oseberg which was built to a scale of 1:24. According to the MAXARC computer database printout, this item was transferred from 'Ships' Collection to the Archaeology Collection in June 1979.

  • Roe, John
    Mayflower (1615); Passenger/cargo vessel; Exploration/research vessel

    Scale: 1:48. A waterline model of the ‘Mayflower’ (circa 1615), a cargo and sailing vessel. The model is decked, equipped and rigged with sails set. Very little is known about the ‘Mayflower’s’ original appearance but the approximate dimensions were a…

  • Unknown
    circa 1800
    Surf boat landing European passengers at Madras [Chennai]

    Drawing, oiginally called 'Ship's boat arriving on beach, Madras'. This is not correct, it shows a local 'masula' surf boat bringing European passengers ashore there. Madras had no harbour, and all large ships - as here - had to lie…

  • Wieringen, Cornelis Claesz van
    A Dutch Merchantman Attacked by an English Privateer, off La Rochelle

    This painting is an allegorical evocation of the perils of seafaring in the early seventeenth century but, also, seems to record a particular incident. The painting shows two ships approaching each other at the opening of a skirmish. In the…

  • Griffier, Jan
    circa 1710-15
    The 'Peregrine' and other royal yachts off Greenwich, circa 1710

    The ship-rigged royal yacht 'Peregrine' is shown in starboard-broadside view in the foreground flying the red ensign a Union jack on the sprit and red pennants. Men are busy in the rigging with the sails, one man is depicted standing…

  • F. Sala & Co
    The Great Eastern named Leviathan


  • Unknown
    circa 1885
    Passenger liner(1885); Emigrant vessel

    Scale: 1:120. A contemporary full hull model of a steam-powered passenger liner (circa 1885), built in ‘bread and butter’ construction in the builder’s style. Model is decked, fully equipped and rigged. This is a model of a proposed passenger steamship…

  • Unknown
    After 1855

    Emigrant runner's badge. Inscription: 'EMIGRANT 124 RUNNER' on both sides. 'Runners' were middle men who acted for emigrants leaving British ports often running their own boarding houses. They were notorious for cheating emigrants over luggage, currency exchange and the purchase…

  • H. D. M. Model Company
    1961 circa
    Northern Star (1961); Passenger vessel; Liner

    Scale: 1:64. A large model made for promotional purposes, for display in a travel agent or shipping line office. The model is on a fixed base with wheels and has an integral perspex case with the name of the shipping…

  • Elkington & Co. Ltd
    Electroplated teaspoon

    Electroplated teaspoon with a gilt bowl and a threaded edge, engraved on top of the handle 'BLACK BALL LINE OF AUSTRALIAN PACKETS'. The Liverpool Black Ball Line of Australian Packets was started by James Baines & Co. in 1852, to…

  • Wyllie, William Lionel
    circa 1906
    'Launch of Lusitania'

    Inscribed by the artist, as title, lower right. A view looking up from fine off the starboard bow at the 'Lusitania' on her launching cradle at John Brown's yard, Clydebank, with flags flying for that event on 7 June 1906.…

  • Wyllie, William Lionel
    Passengers Aboard the Garonne in the West Indies, 1893

    In 1893 Wyllie and his wife cruised to the West Indies on the Orient Line 'Garonne'. At Trinidad the cruise was curtailed following an outbreak of yellow fever on the ship that resulted in the deaths of some of the…

  • Bassett-Lowke Ltd
    circa 1927
    'Arandora Star' (1927)

    Scale: not calculated. Originally named 'Arandora' (1927) the liner was built by Cammell Laird & Co Ltd for the Blue Star Line. Together with her two sister ships, ‘Almeda Star’ and ‘Andalucia Star’, built by the same company, she was…

  • Unknown
    Empire Windrush (1930)

    A port bow view of Empire Windrush (1930), a passenger/cargo ship, alongside in the Western Docks, Southampton. The starboard side quarter of the passenger liner/emigrant ship New Australia (1931) is directly astern of the Empire Windrush.

  • Toscani, Oliviero
    United Colours of Benetton poster

    United Colours of Benetton poster depicting Albanian refugees about to disembark at Bari, Italy. Gift from the Benetton Group. The poster is in a wooden frame with glazing (as constructed by NMM - not part of accessioned object)

  • Unknown
    Probably 19th century
    Barnacle taken from hull of an Indiaman

    A single barnacle taken from the hull of an Indiaman with smaller ones growing on it, composed of organic nacre. The accretion of barnacles and weed growth, which coppering reduced but did not prevent, could severely affect the perfomance of…

  • Unknown
    18th century
    Miniature Chinese garden

    Qianlong period miniature Chinese garden with a plum tree in coral, a pine tree in carved wood and ivory, tinted ivory bamboos. They symbolize longevity, perseverance and integrity since they can all endure cold weather and are known as the…

  • Croad, S.
    Representation of the brig 'Vigilante'

    The print shows plan and sections of the ‘Vigilante’, indicating the dreadful conditions in which people were transported across the Atlantic Ocean. The ‘Vigilante’ was captured by the Royal Navy off the coast of Africa in 1822, carrying 345 Africans…

  • Daniell, William
    Late 18th to early 19th century
    A View of the European Factories at Canton

    Daniell and his uncle, Thomas Daniell, were important artist-explorers of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. They travelled throughout the East, above all in India, and published an influential series of illustrated volumes of ‘Oriental Scenery’. Both also exhibited…

  • Unknown
    circa 1760
    Mariner's compass

    A Chinese compass with one row of characters. The compass consists of a red lacquered bowl covered with glass containing a dry-pivot needle. The needle points south. The north-south direction is indicated by a piece of metal over the glass.…

  • Singleton, Henry
    1 January 1794
    British Plenty

    One of a pair of Singleton prints showing sailors on shore. In contrast with ‘Scarcity in India’ which shows two men vying for the attentions of one girl, ‘British Plenty’ shows a single seaman between two girls. They are ostensibly…

  • Unknown
    Late 19th century
    'Scare Devil'

    A 'Scare Devil', a carved wooden figure, the face painted red, with an open mouth, protruding tongue and pointed hat. It has earrings made of tassels of cloth, long arms, a pot belly and bent legs. This type of figure…

  • English School, 17th century
    circa 1683
    East India Company ships at Deptford

    (Updated, February 2015) The ships used by the East Company were initially purchased privately as required. Losses from wear, tear and wreck took their toll and large ships suitable for the Eastern trade were soon at a premium, some costing…

  • Unknown
    Hide mitt

    A hide mitt with red and blue porcupine quill embroidery, the seams trimmed with bird quill. There is a panel of quill woven in geometric patterns placed round the cuff which is trimmed with white fur - posibly that of…

  • Starbeck Taxidermy
    Stuffed beaver

    Beavers were the main animal traded and trapped by the Hudson’s Bay Company. Their fur was widely used in European clothing manufacture, especially hat-making. European beavers fed this market until about 1600, when over-hunting severely reduced native populations. In the…

  • Unknown
    Before 1845
    Snow goggles

    A relic of Sir John Franklin's last expedition 1845-48. Spectacles with tinted lenses in a case found in an abandoned boat at Erebus Bay, King William Island, in May 1859 by the McClintock Search Expedition 1857-59. The cylindrical case is…

  • British School, 19th century
    Probably 1851
    Qalasirssuaq (Erasmus Augustine Kallihirua), circa 1832/5-1856

    A half-length portrait showing the sitter in two poses, wearing a black jacket with a white shirt and wing collar and a black tie. On the left he is facing slightly to the right and looks forwards to meet the…

  • Unknown
    circa 1819
    Jigsaw puzzle

    Jigsaw puzzle depicting two sailing vessels. In the foreground is a vessel prepared for wintering in the Arctic, a whale and an explorer being chased by a polar bear. The title: 'THE SORCERER OF THE NORTH POLE OR CAPTAIN ROSS'S…

  • Sackhouse, John
    2 February 1819
    First communication with the Natives of Prince Regents Bay, as Drawn by John Sackhouse and presented to Capt. Ross, Augt 10, 1818

    This engraving shows the Royal Navy’s first encounter with Inuit in the Arctic. John Ross explored Prince Regent’s Bay in north-west Greenland during his 1818 expedition. Here, Ross and William Parry can be seen exchanging knives and mirrors with their…

  • Cruikshank, George
    18 January 1819
    Landing the Treasures, or Results of the Polar Expedition!!! (caricature)


  • Goldner, Stephen
    Before 1845

    A relic of Sir John Franklin's last expedition 1845-48. An empty Goldner soup tin made of iron plate, tinned and soldered, the outside surface painted red. Part of the label with instructions for preparing the contents still remains. A circular…

  • Unknown
    Early 19th century

    Providing food at sea was a major problem for both naval and merchant shipping from the 17th century onwards. Several methods of preserving were available to early mariners, particularly smoking and salting. Such methods did not however provide ships' crews…

  • Unknown
    circa 1840
    Snuff box

    This wooden snuff box was made from the timbers of the brig 'Black Joke'. It has bamboo pattern borders. The lid of the snuff box shows a view of the ship fully rigged. The back and sides are carved in…

  • Unknown
    circa 1800
    Akan knife and sheath

    Akan knife and sheath. The sheath has a shell and a lead model of human teeth attached to it. The red-dyed shell is characteristic of Baule culture (from the Ivory Coast), while the human jaw is more typical of the…

  • Khalil, Muhammad

    If the dating on this astrolabe is correct (see below), then it belongs to the later period of Muhammad Khalil's activities. The decoration, by Muhammad Baqir Isfahani, has been very skilfully executed, but is not quite of the same standard…

  • Unknown
    Tea chest

    Tea chest. Wooden with sliding lid. Lacquered black and inlaid with mother of pearl. Gold painted Chinese characters on the lid. The Chinese characters painted on the lid are arranged as such and should be read in the following order:…

  • O'Neil, Henry Nelson
    The Parting Cheer

    This large-scale painting, both ambitious and complex in conception, is the key mid-19th century image addressing emigration. Rich in interpretative material, it focuses on the reactions of those left behind on shore. The scene is set along the Thames although…

  • British School, 19th century
    After 1863
    The clipper ‘Wild Deer’

    A portrait of the tea clipper ‘Wild Deer’ shown in full sail and broadside-on. Her figurehead of Diana is clearly visible. She was built in Charles Connell’s Shipyard at Glasgow, on the Clyde, for William Walker of London and launched…

  • McFarlane, Duncan
    The packet 'Antarctic'

    A ship’s portrait of the packet ‘Antarctic’ which was built in 1851. She was mainly used on the Liverpool to New York transatlantic route. Her name is visible on the vessel and she is shown flying the American flag. The…

  • Fortin, Jean
    Terrestrial hand globe

    Terrestrial hand globe. Geographical details on the sphere are the same as those of Fortin GLB0244, and this globe forms a pair with the armillary sphere, Fortin AST0637. Australia and New Zealand are drawn according to the Dutch discoveries. A…

  • Unknown
    circa 1850
    Portable telescope

    The barrel and the end caps of this non-achromatic telescope are decorated in orange and gold. The three draw tubes are decorated in black and gold with floral motifs and stop lines to indicate the telescope's optimum working length. The…

  • Unknown
    unknown, probably late 19th century
    Pair of decorative soapstone pagodas

    Pair of decorative soapstone pagodas carved in sections and assembled on metal rods. Theys were brought back from China by J. F. Green on one of his voyages. J. F. Green lived 1846-1923, which suggests the pagodas were brought back…

  • Tissot, Jacques-Joseph (James)
    The Emigrants

    A drypoint etching based on a painting of 1879, for which only a small repica now exists. Sited in the London docks this complex image shows a woman carrying her child and their possessions, hesitating to take the hand proffered…

  • Richard Pearce & George Burrows
    Silver salver

    A silver salver standing on three feet decorated with scrolls and paterae, the rim is decorated with shells in relief. On the upper surface, within a border of acanthus leaves, is engraved: 'This Tea Service is / Presented / to…

  • Streatfeild, Reverend Thomas
    A deck scene with a man being seasick over the ship's rail

    A deck scene with a well-dressed, seasick man throwing up over the ship's rail. Page from an album of drawings and watercolours (PAI4289) formerly owned, and possibly made, by the renowned antiquarian of Kent and churchman the Rev. Thomas Streatfeild…

  • Wyllie, William Lionel
    Emigrants, New York

    Invited by Sir Thomas Ismay, chairman of the White Star Line, Wyllie, his wife and son, Harold, sailed from Liverpool to New York on board the liner 'Majestic' on her maiden voyage in April 1890. This is one of a…

  • Bedford Lemere & Co
    August 1911
    Third Class cabin on the 'Royal George' (1907)

    Cabin interior on the passenger liner 'Royal George' ex 'Heliopolis' (1907) showing a four berth cabin in Third Class accommodation.

  • North Staffordshire Pottery Co Ltd
    circa 1955

    A white ironstone china teapot and lid, the handle and the knob on the lid painted black. 'ORIENT LINE' is printed on the base with the maker's mark.

  • Wyllie, William Lionel
    Large passenger liner approaching a quayside

    Signed by artist.

  • Barclay, Curle & Co Ltd
    circa 1936
    City of Benares (1936); Merchant vessel; Passenger/cargo liner

    Scale: 1:48. One of the first large passenger liners to be built with just a single screw, or propeller, the ‘City of Benares’ (1936) proved a popular ship on the route to India before the outbreak of war in 1939.…

  • Frederick Holmes, Frederick
    circa 1851?
    Marco Polo (1851); Passenger/cargo vessel; Ship

    Scale: 1:96. A contemporary full hull model of the three-masted ship ‘Marco Polo’ (1851), fully rigged and mounted on its original wooden baseboard. Built by J. and T. Smith of New Brunswick in 1851, the ‘Marco Polo’ measured 188 feet…

  • Unknown
    Early 20th century
    Seamen's Hospital Society meat plate

    White earthenware oval meat plate, with a green printed badge showing the hospital ship HMS 'Dreadnought' with 'SEAMEN'S HOSPITAL SOCIETY' on a ribbon below . There is an impressed printed mark on the underside of the rim with the name…

  • Deans
    Female sailor doll

    A doll won in a raffle by Mrs W. Dyer on board the P & O liner 'Stratheden' on her passage to India, during Christmas 1938. A female sailor doll, with a stuffed body and papier mâché face, holding in…

  • Morton, Andrew
    The United Service

    An interpretation of a meeting of army and navy veterans, the Chelsea Pensioners depicted dressed in scarlet coats and the pensioners of Greenwich Hospital in blue. They are portrayed during a viewing of the Naval Gallery paintings in the Painted…

  • Orme, Daniel
    Olaudah Equiano or Gustavus Vassa the African

    Frontispiece from Olaudah Equiano’s self-published book ‘The Interesting Narrative of the life of Olaudah Equiano, or Gustavus Vassa, the African’ (London, 1789). It is the only securely attributed image that we have of Equiano. The book went through eight editions…

  • Bartolozzi, Francesco
    Ignatius Sancho, 1729-80

    The frontispiece to 'Letters of the Late Ignatius Sancho: An African, to which are Prefixed, Memoirs of his Life'. The engraving of Ignatius Sancho is after a portrait by Thomas Gainsborough. Ignatius Sancho (1729-80) was born on a slave ship…

  • Charnock, John
    View of Park Corner House (part of Montagu House), Blackheath, seen among trees

    Mounted with PAF2844-PAF2890, PAF2892-PAF2927.; Medium includes pen and black ink.; Page number 48. The view is along what is now Charlton Way, with the south wall of Greenwich Park, from its junction with Chesterfield Walk on the south-west corner. Montagu…

  • Rigaud, Jacques
    'Prospect of Greenwich from the observatory at the top of the Hill ... distant views of London and the cours of the River Thames...'

    This view north-east over the Park, Greenwich Hospital and the Thames, with London in the left distance, is one of a pair; for the other see PAI7092. Both show the Queen Mary Court of the Hospital (under the right dome…

  • Rigaud, Jacques
    'Prospect of Greenwich Hospital from the River...The Old Royal House where the Governor resides stands at the farther end of it at the entrance to Greenwich Park'

    This print is almost certainly derived from the drawing also in the collection, PAH8381, and has a matching pair of the view from the Observatory (see PAI7091). There are minor differences between this image and the related drawing, most notably…

  • Charnock, John
    A view of Blackheath, including Park Corner House (part of Montagu House), Shooter's Hill (with Severndroog Castle) and Morden College, with windmills in the foreground

    Mounted with PAF2844-PAF2853, PAF2855-PAF2927.; Page number 11. A rather naive depiction of Blackheath around the beginning of the nineteenth century. The house at the corner of the wall along the south side of Greenwich Park was built in 1729 on…

  • [engraver], Charles White
    Greenwich Hospital from the West [with the Infirmary]

    A view along what is now College Walk, inside the West Gate of the Old Royal Naval College, but showing the gates in their original position close to the buildings, before the area of tenements behind the present Greenwich Pier…

  • Newton, James
    22 Sep 1789
    Elevation of the East front of the Infirmary

    An architectural elevation print of the east front of the Infirmary of Greenwich Hospital, built to James 'Athenian' Stuart's design in 1764-68, but later considerably reconstructed including addition of a third floor. It is now the Dreadnought Library of the…

  • Fraser, John
    24 Nov 1893
    Sketch of emigrants playing cards on the deck of the Nile 1893 (on reverse and inverted)

    Bound with PAG4124-PAG4136, PAG4138-PAG4175.

  • d'Orléans, François-Ferdinand-Philippe-Louis-Marie
    Burning of the 'Ocean Monarch', emigrant ship, 24 Augus 1848

    Heightened with white; Technique includes scratching out. The barque 'Ocean Monarch' is shown in this watercolour lying in the waters off of Great Orme's Head, Wales, as a fire blazes in her stern. Her anchors have been dropped, and one…

  • Cooper, J. E.
    Cutty Sark

    An original, signed watercolour of the three-masted clipper, Cutty Sark (1869) showing the port side of the ship in full sail with the sleek lines of a fast clipper, making good way on a starboard tack against a clear sky.…

  • Unknown
    Coin commemorating the Huguenot-Walloon Tercentenary, 1924

    A half-dollar. Obverse: Short busts conjoined (both right) of Gaspard de Coligny (1516-1572) in a cap, robe and order and the Stadtholder, William the Silent (1533-1584) in a ruff and armour. Legend: 'UNITED . STATES . OF . AMERICA HUGUENOT…

  • Tregear, G. S.
    Female Emigration! Dedicated with all Due respect to the fair sex of Great Brittain & Ireland -by their Obedient Servant-W.N (caricature)

    This cartoon commemorates the departure of a group of female emigrants from the Cove of Cork in October 1834 in the 'Duchess of Northumberland'. They were bound for the Australian colonies. The scenes portray the imagined hardships of the women,…

  • Christian, John
    Mid 20th century

    A dish carved in miro, tamanu or toa wood. The underside is in the shape of a fish with an inset eye and is signed 'PITCAIRN I JOHN CHRISTIAN'. A wooden handle is attached with metal screws. The inhabitants of…

  • Vincze, Paul
    Medal commemorating the 350th anniversary of the sailing of the 'Mayflower', 1620-1970

    Medal commemorating the 350th anniversary of the sailing of the 'Mayflower', 1620-1970. Obverse: A group of Pilgrims (left) on shore surrounded by their baggage, in attitudes of prayer and thanksgiving, the sea and the 'Mayflower' with sails furled in the…

  • Fanshawe, Edward Gennys
    11-12 August 1849
    'Susan Young, The only surviving Tahitian woman, Pitcairn's [Island], Augt 1849'

    (Updated, February 2016) No. 10 in Fanshawe's Pacific album, 1849 - 52. Captioned by the artist on the album page, below the image. The woman shown is the Tahitian-born wife of 'Bounty' mutineer Edward ('Ned') Young: their grandson, also Simon,…

  • Duke, Paul
    Roberta Varusilaite, At Sea: A Portrait of a Scottish Fishing Community

    Photographer Paul Duke’s ‘At Sea: A Portrait of a Scottish Fishing Community’ is a series of 32 portraits of men and women working in the Moray Firth fishing community on the North East coast of Scotland, shot on location in…

  • Unknown
    After 1971
    Immigration Landing card

    A white piece of paper relating to the Immigration Act 1971. It consists of a number of blank fields that need to be filled in after a passenger has landed in a foreign county.

  • Ocean, Humphrey
    The First of England

    The 'First of England' is a large-scale oil commission of 1998 based on sketches and photographs taken by the artist during various ferry trips around Britain. Asked to paint a picture of modern maritime Britain he turned to his perceptions…