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Created: 25.04.14

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  • Unknown
    Armillary planetarium

    This armillary planetarium is constructed from wood, covered by engraved paper. A brass Sun is in the centre, surrounded by representations of 10 planets, which are discs of card with engraved paper pasted to them, supported on metal brackets. They…

  • Pascal, C
    19th century
    World time zone calculator

    calculator, world time zone. Universal time finder with circular wooden base and a bevel glass cover. This time finder tells the time differences around the world based on the Paris Meridian. Three cardboard scales. The outer scale has a list…

  • C. P. Goerz
    circa 1900

    These prismatic binoculars have a leather-covered body and a leathercarrying strap. There is a central focusing wheel, as well as wheel to adjust the distance apart of the eyepieces. In addition, the right hand eyepiece is independently adjustable. The eyepieces…

  • Unknown

    Dirk, thought to have belonged to a French Naval Officer. The hilt of the dirk consists of inversed brass quillons with an additional bar on the obverse side with three small balls at its centre. The small brass pommel is…

  • Unknown
    circa 1670
    Hour-glass/ Table Klepsydra

    A klepsydra is a kind of glass that measures time using the flow of water, rather than sand. In this 30-minute glass, water flows through four glass tubes with curved ends which pass through the cork seal between the ampoules.…

  • Unknown
    circa 1588
    Greenwich (Valentia) Astrolabe

    The mariner's astrolabe was a simplified version of an instrument originally developed by Arab astronomers for measuring the height of heavenly bodies above the horizon and came into use in navigation by about 1470. In order to keep it steady…

  • Unknown
    Ship's bell

    Ship's bell inscribed 'AMICALE INTERNATIONALE DES CAPITAINES AU LONG COURS CAP HORNIERS', (on plaque) 'A present from the Netherlands Section 6th June 1967'.

  • Unknown
    circa 1798
    Turkish canteen

    Wooden water canteen of flat oval form, decorated in typical Ottoman style. There is elaborate gilt decoration on the flat sides, and a gilt spout, handle, and edging strips, with a short gold chain hanging from one of the suspension…

  • Unknown
    circa 1905

    This yellow-pine chest was probably decorated for the 1905 centenary of the Battle of Trafalgar. All the images have been taken from well-known paintings and prints depicting Nelson and key events in his life. For example, on the front of…