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  • Wheatley, Francis
    The Sailor's Return

    An interior of a small cottage. The truckle bed, simple furnishing, flaking plaster and exposed red brickwork suggest rural simplicity and poverty. A basket hangs on a nail from a beam above the bed, with a rag dangling down. A…

  • Unknown
    The Sailor's Pleasure (caricature)

    Text in English below image.

  • Cruikshank, Isaac
    The sailor's will and power (caricature)

    Medium includes pen and black ink. Depicts clothing, outerwear: dress, seaman's

  • Cruikshank, Isaac
    9 June 1797
    The Delegates in Council or Beggars on Horseback (caricature)

    A satirical print referring to the Nore mutiny of spring 1797. A group of mutineers meet around a table in a ship’s cabin. Several members of the group brandish pistols; one man on the right holds a blunderbuss; one of…

  • Gillray, James
    15 October 1779
    The Liberty of the Subject [the Press Gang] (caricature)

    [No.15.] At the time this print was made 'liberty' was most generally understood as the concept of 'British liberty' as a whole, in opposition to foreign and especially Catholic 'tyranny'. The title is therefore more satirical than it probably seems…

  • Unknown
    Commemorative medal presented to Jonas Hanway by the Marine Society

    Commemorative medal presented to Jonas Hanway by the Marine Society. Obverse: Within a circle Britannia, her spear and shield laid aside, standing instructing a ragged youth (right), a building behind, naval gear (left) and inscription, 'Presented by the Marine Society…

  • Stothard, Thomas
    16 April 1798
    Sailors in Port

    Sailors relaxing on the deck of a what is probably a naval ship. They are dancing to the fiddler's music and enjoying the company of girls. Although seamen would often visit taverns and brothels ashore, prostitutes were often brought on…

  • Middlemore, Roberts
    Published June 1803
    'John Bull Peeping into Brest' (caricature)

    Hand-coloured print 'John Bull Peeping into Brest (caricature)'. A simply executed image extolling the might of British sea power over that of the French, with reference to the British blockade of Brest in 1803 by a squadron under Admiral Cornwallis.…

  • Abbott, Lemuel Francis
    Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson 1758-1805, 1st Viscount Nelson

    Half-length facing left in rear-admiral's undress uniform, 1795-1812 pattern, wearing the St Vincent medal and the star of a Knight of the Bath. Nelson’s empty right sleeve is pinned across the chest. The upper part of the sleeve is closed…

  • Woodward, George Murgatroyd
    circa 1805?
    A British sailor/ 'Jack Tar'

    Painted lead caricature statuette on a round base depicting a British 'Jack Tar' , possibly modelled from a printed caricature by George Murgatroyd Woodward (1760?-1809), a lesser-known contemporary of Rowlandson and Gillray with a characteristically vigorous but rather cruder style.…

  • Gillray, James
    Published 20 November 1798
    'Fighting for the Dunghill, or, Jack Tar Setting Buonaparte. (caricature)'

    This is the earliest of Gillray’s portrayals of Bonaparte as the symbolic personification of France. Here he is caricatured in a manner deriving from earlier 18th-century lampoons against the French, particularly by Hogarth, in being shown semi-naked and emaciated. Gillray…

  • Cruikshank, George
    circa 1835?
    'Sling the Monkey' (Greenwich Pensioners caricature)

    Greenwich Pensioners playing a rough game in Greenwich Park, in which a man with two peg-legs is slung in support by a rope from a tree-branch and then twirled round on his 'pin' as companions haze him with knotted handkerchiefs.…

  • Unknown
    After 1805

    A large jug, transfer-printed in red-brown with a sailor in striped trousers holding a stick high in his left hand, arm-in-arm with a lady; a church and a ship in the background. Inscription: 'JACK SPRITSAIL'S FROLIC/Ah! how boldly in Battle…

  • Locker, John
    Drunken Sailors

    Inscribed 'J. Locker 1829'. Part of the Michael Graham-Stewart slavery collection. For further information on black sailors see Bolster (1997:4): 'ships and boats were a pipeline to freedom and a refuge for slaves on the lam... Seamen wrote the first…

  • Unknown
    After 1789

    Large creamware jug, transfer-printed in black and hand-coloured. On one side, a sailor with stick in raised left hand, wearing blue striped trousers and red striped waistcoat, arm-in-arm with a lady, a cottage in the left background. Below 'JACK SPRITSAIL…

  • Stothard, Thomas
    16 April 1798
    Sailors in a Fight

    Entitled 'Sailors in a Fight', this print is inscribed: 'To the British Navy this plate is respectfully dedicated by there [sic] obedient humble Ser[van]t. John Raphael Smith'. It is one of a set of four plates of effectively the same…

  • Ramberg, Johann Heinrich
    5 November 1785
    The Sailor's Farewell (caricature)

    A picture of sailors saying goodbye to their loved ones. A large British Navy ships waits in the background. In the centre a sailor says goodbye to his weeping wife, young daughter and baby. In background a similar scene is…

  • Ibbetson, Julius Caesar
    Sailors Carousing

    A scene in an unspecified tavern at Portsmouth after one or more ships have been paid off. The painting may be a retrospective celebration of the Battle of the Glorious First of June 1794 since, although executed much later and…

  • Mills, Alfred
    2 June 1806
    Sailors and 12 Apostles. (caricature)

    Text in English below image. Three sailors and their female companions stroll through the City. The caption reads: 'A some sailors were passing by St. Paul's Cathedral; One of them pointing to the statues, asked who those Gemmen were? "the…

  • Carr, Henry Marvell
    The Sailor [Maurice Alan Easton]

    A head-and-shoulders portrait of a sailor with his arms folded facing right. He wears a seaman's uniform and a naval cap with the anonymous 'HMS' tally band, a wartime precaution to prevent the enemy knowing precise ship movements. On his…

  • Stothard, Thomas
    circa 1798
    A Sailor's Return in Peace

    A sailor is shown returning home to his family standing outside a cottage. He is embracing his wife while a boy hugs his father's right arm. A smaller boy on the far left holds his stick and his father's right…

  • British School, 18th century
    circa 1810
    A sailor sitting on a chest, ca.1790

    Oil painting, portrait of a sailor sitting on a chest, circa a.1790

  • Morland, George
    1 May 1802
    The Flowing Bowl, or, Sailors Return'd (caricature)

    Hand-coloured. Depicts clothing, outerwear: dress, sailor's Four sailors are sitting around a table in a cottage to rest and refresh after a long journey. Their bags are still unpacked and the sails of their ship can be seen through the…

  • Marchant, W.

    Album with eight aquatints of sailors on shore leave bound together in a book. Some pages are loose.

  • Streatfeild, Reverend Thomas
    A sailor on deck looking up to the rigging

    This coloured drawing, a full-length view of a sailor looking up to the rigging, relates to another pencil sketch in the same album, PAI4298. Both pages are from an album of drawings and watercolours (PAI4289) formerly owned, and possibly made,…

  • Peeters, Bonaventura
    Seascape with Sailors Sheltering from a Rainstorm

    A group of sailors huddle, in a cave, beneath a rugged cliff. Torrential rain falls diagonally from the thick black clouds which hover menacingly above. A smooth, flat sea is rendered in silvery-grey tones. While darker areas suggest the shadows…

  • Mosley, Charles
    July 1740
    Admiral Hosiers Ghost

    The poet Richard Glover (1712–85) penned ‘Hosier’s Ghost’ in 1739. The rhyme was designed to rouse British sympathies against the Spanish. Hosier had been involved in the blockade of the Caribbean port of Porto Bello in 1726, hoping to stop…

  • Williams, C
    An Irish Pilot or Steering by Chance (caricature)

    Mounted with PAG8609.; Hand-coloured.; Plate No.175.; No.96. Bound in album PAG8512 with prints PAG8513-PAG8647; PAG8649- PAG8666.

  • Cruikshank, Isaac
    1 January 1818
    Dandies having a treat (caricature)

    Mounted with PAG8629.; Hand-coloured.; Plate No.324.; No.116. Bound in album PAG8512 with prints PAG8513-PAG8647; PAG8649- PAG8666.

  • Cruikshank, George

    Mounted with PAG8636-PAG8637.; Hand-coloured.; No.123. Bound in album PAG8512 with prints PAG8513-PAG8647; PAG8649- PAG8666.

  • Marks, Henry Stacy
    circa 1835
    A Hard Row, or Salt Water Sailor! (caricature)

    No.154. Bound in album PAG8512 with prints PAG8513-PAG8647; PAG8649- PAG8666.

  • Unknown

    Album contains one hundred and fifty-four items, mainly prints with a few watercolours. This album contains PAG8513-PAG8647; PAG8649- PAG8666.

  • Woodward, George Murgatroyd
    30 May 1805
    An English sailor at a French Eating House (caricature)


  • Woodward, George Murgatroyd
    A Seaman's Wife's Reckoning (caricature)

    Hand-coloured.; Page No.275.

  • Tegg, Thomas
    Jack Jolly steering down Wapping in Ballast trim (caricature)

    Hand-coloured.; Page No.216.

  • Bunbury, Henry William
    1 January 1809
    The Rivals (caricature)


  • Angus
    July 1806
    The Trafalgar Garter (caricature)

    'Argus' is a pseudonym of Charles Williams

  • James Whittle & Richard Holmes Laurie
    24 September 1804
    A true & lamentable Ballad call'd Billy Taylor, shewing the fatal effects of inconstancy (caricature)

    Hand-coloured.; Text in English below image.; Page No.367.

  • Carter, W H J
    The Latest State of the Odds (caricature)

    Hand-coloured.; Text in English below image.

  • Fores, S. W.
    27 August 1804
    Sailors in Westminster Abbey (caricature)


  • Fores, S. W.
    16 May 1823
    Symptoms of not having been often to Church (caricature)


  • Rowlandson, Thomas
    September 1807
    Wapping (caricature)


  • Roberts
    The Sailor and the Juge (caricature)


  • Rowlandson, Thomas
    Dispatch or Jack preparing for sea (caricature)


  • Rowlandson, Thomas
    Portsmouth Point (caricature)


  • Woodward, George Murgatroyd
    Peace, or the Sailor's Return (caricature)


  • Woodward, George Murgatroyd
    25 May 1805
    A Sailor's Will (caricature)


  • Ackermann, Rudolph
    3 December 1805
    A Sailor's Observation on the Lamented Death of Lord Nelson (caricature)

    This contemporary caricature captures the grief felt by ordinary sailors when they heard the news of Nelson’s death. The sailor on the right is drinking to ‘The memory of the Immortal Hero of the Nile’ – one of the earliest…

  • British School, 18th century
    Published 24 October 1798
    'Dresses a la Nile respectfully dedicated to the Fashion Mongers of the day'

    Hand-coloured caricature 'Dresses a la Nile respectfully dedicated to the Fashion Mongers of the day'. A gentle lampoon against British fashionable society, making facetious suggestions for ways to incorporate the topical news of Nelson’s victory over the French fleet at…

  • Williams, Charles
    The Glorious Pursuit of Ten against Seventeen (caricature)

    'Argus' is pseudonym of Charles Williams.

  • Gillray, James
    Published 6 February 1801
    Dido in Despair (caricature)

    Print 'Dido in Despair (caricature)'. This print satirizes the scandalous relationship between Nelson and Emma Hamilton, casting them in the roles of Dido and Aeneas, the central love interest of the classical Roman poet Virgil’s epic, the Aeneid. Spurred on…

  • Hodgson, W.
    Published 6 October 1803
    Invade us boys! (caricature)

    Hand-coloured.; Text in English below image. A typically rousing loyalist print centring on the virtues and heroism of the British tar. Many similar prints were produced at this time, soon after the recommencement of hostilities with France and in the…

  • Fores, S. W.
    10 April 1792
    The Abolition of the Slave Trade (caricature)

    Hand-coloured graphic print relating to the notorious case of Captain John Kimber of the merchant ship Recovery. In the House of Commons on 2 April 1792, William Wilberforce accused Kimber of brutally assaulting and murdering a teenage slave girl, who…

  • Mosley, Charles
    circa 1750
    The Sailor's Return (caricature)

    Technique includes stipple engraving.; Hand-coloured.

  • Rowlandson, Thomas

    Medium includes graphite and watercolour. Depicts clothing, outerwear: uniform, sailor's [Royal navy]