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Created: 11.09.14

Odd, unusual or strange. Or sometimes just unaccountably beautiful.

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  • Unknown
    circa 1855
    Sea mine

    Russian Infernal Machine which is a type of early sea mine. It consists of an iron cone filled with gunpowder that was designed to explode when struck by a ship. This example is painted with the Russian Imperial Eagle and…

  • Unknown
    circa 1920

    planisphere. The portion with the stars is enclosed within a card envelope and is a grey green colour with blur writing. The front includes the title, the planisphere section representing the stars, a scale of hours around this and the…

  • Unknown
    circa 1857

    Brown leather shoes belonging to Captain F. L. McClintock (1817-1907), which were worn over woollen foot wrappers and thick socks. The shoes have a canvas upper, two leather flaps which lace together over the top of the foot, and laces…

  • Unknown
    Body tag

    Body tag No. 148 from Jacob Birnbaum. A brown card, tie-on label, marked 'Jacob Birnbawm 148' in blue ink. It is torn beside the hole reinforcement. It belonged to passenger Jacob Birnbaum, lost in 'Titanic' disaster.

  • Wallis, John
    Science in Sport, or the Pleasures of Astronomy. A New Game

    An astronomical board game, folded into cardboard slip case, entitled 'Science in Sport, or the Pleasures of Astronomy; A New & Instructive Pastime. Revised & approved by Mrs. Bryan; Blackheath', 'Published, December 17th 1804, by the Proprietor, John Wallis, No.…

  • Brun, Emmy Ingeborg
    Mars efter Lowell's Glober

    A manuscript globe, hand painted and lettered, representing in 3-dimensional form the maps of Mars published in the American astronomer Percival Lowell's books,Mars and its Canals (1906) and Mars as the Abode of Life (1908) which developed Camille Flammarion's views.…

  • Unknown
    circa 1903
    Outlook (1903); Recreation vessel; Yacht

    Scale: 1:16. A full hull model of the yacht Outlook (1903) made entirely in wood with metal fittings and painted in realistic colours. The flat, raft-like hull is painted brick red below the waterline, green above and the deck is…

  • Chad Valley Co Ltd
    circa 1936
    Queen Mary in Trafalgar Square

    A partially complete wooden Jigsaw puzzle that shows RMS Queen Mary in Trafalgar Square (for the original box see record AAB0095.1) .

  • Deans
    Female sailor doll

    A doll won in a raffle by Mrs W. Dyer on board the P & O liner 'Stratheden' on her passage to India, during Christmas 1938. A female sailor doll, with a stuffed body and papier mâché face, holding in…

  • Unknown
    Punch and Judy puppet: the ghost

    A glove pupper ghost, part of a Punch and Judy set belonging to puppeteer Peter Butchard (1909-2009). This is the 'look behind you' moment as the audience sees the ghost who is out of sight of Punch. The puppet has…

  • Thwaites & Reed
    Rolling ball clock

    A reproduction of Sir William Congreve’s rolling ball clock by Thwaites & Reed, London, made circa 1972 Full description in notes field.