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Curator's pick: naval battles post-Trafalgar

Created: 31.03.11

The Royal Navy’s role in the Napoleonic Wars did not end at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. This group of objects relates the various ways the navy was used to further British interests in the remaining ten years of the conflict. The French continued to challenge British mastery of the seas, while new threats emerged in the shape of the Danish, Russian and American navies. As a result, battles continued to be fought, such as at San Domingo in 1806, and Copenhagen in 1807. For the most part the navy concentrated on blockading enemy ports, convoying British trade and conducting amphibious raids. Following Nelson’s death, other naval officers rose to the fore: Duckworth in the Caribbean, Collingwood in the Mediterranean and Saumarez in the Baltic. In protecting British trade, and undermining the internal economies of its enemies, the navy made an important contribution to Napoleon’s eventual defeat. (James Davey, Research Curator: Naval and Maritime History)

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